Starting Your Next Book Build? This Could Help.

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Scrivener is the best writing tool I have ever come across. I credit it with helping me to write faster, with causing me less writing stress, with helping me plan out a book more than I would ordinarily and with making the writing process a lot more joyful and relaxing. Here are my Scrivener Tutorials.

Scrivener Tutorial: Create an Outline For Your Book

Scrivener’s outliner can look a bit daunting at first but here I take you through how to use it step by step. It’s a great tool for plotters and pantsers alike!

Scrivener Quick Tips: Using the Name Generator

Scrivener’s Name Generator makes finding a name of your character quick and easy. It will take you about one minute to generate a list of up to 500 names to choose from! Here’s how.

Why Scrivener…

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February #Wrapup

This has been a fast, but lazy month. I only finished one book on my To-Be-Read list (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes vol. 3), struck up an editing deal, got the paperwork completed for me to start classes Monday and wrote the first of many musical reviews.

Book cover

I finished reading and reviewing The Road of Darkness by Zoe Ambler. Read and reviewed Alex Apostol’s Hunted Angel, and two Author Spotlight Interviews. As for my personal writing…I worked a little on two of my books but ultimately did not get much done. Stupid voices are quiet…wonder what they are up to.


Dave Unintentionally Eats a Former Coworker

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Zombie Dave Oh, I’m sorry, were you not done with your spleen? I can put it back if you want.

Dave sighed, or at least attempted to sigh. In his mind, that was exactly what he’d done: exhaled heavily, air forcing out of his mouth while his body hunched over slightly. Yet, in reality, his torso remained steady and his mouth remained as open as always. His breathing, although purely habitual at this point, made no actual effort at expelling oxygen at any increased rate whatsoever.

Dave no longer had any physical control over his actions, no more ability to manipulate his muscles than he could tell the future. He was trapped inside a shell of himself, simply along for the ride while some other being controlled his actions and killed for nourishment. And he was okay with that, he’d come to terms with it. Sure, there were a few weeks where it…

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Mews: Things that cats do that would be creepy if you did them! *Video*

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Hi everyone,

Here is the second video in the series of things that cats do that would be weird if we did them. First one can be found here.

Hope this video gave you a good laugh! :)

And what was your favourite part?

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Weekend Inspiration – Leonard Nimoy (RIP) “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER”

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The Vulcan greeting and the finger-separating hand gesture that accompanies it first appeared in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series, during an episode titled “Amok Time.” Spock himself (actor Leonard Nimoy) has made no secret of the fact that the gesture and phrase were his idea, and that he based them on Orthodox Jewish blessings he remembered from his childhood. In the Jewish blessing, the position of the fingers forms the Hebrew letter “Shin,” which represents the name “Shaddai” (Almighty God). Nimoy put his own spin on the traditional gesture by holding up just one hand (instead of both) and changing


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