The Miracle of the Sun

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abu 3abu 1Whenever we think about the prodigious monuments of the past like Stonehenge, the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, The Mohai of Easter Island, for example, we cannot but see them as surrounded by an aura of magic. Some of them are huge tombs erected for the pharaohs or the rulers of the time, but for what concerns many others we may just suppose the reason why they were erected. Take the case of  Stonehenge: was it an observatory, a temple, a market place or a truce ground? Who knows? However, they were all thought to be huge as if they were meant be seen not only by people as symbol of the terrifying power of the ruler, but by somebody above, as link between the earth and the divinity. That is why they were usually built on plains, deserts or on the top of the hills: they had to be…

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Trying the positive thing

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Trying hard to be positive and pull myself out of my self loathing. Despite some negatives my life is going good. I’ve got many things to be grateful for and happy to look forward to I have goals and ambitions.

There’s the difference. Before when I’d get low I couldn’t see anything good now I’m future driven.

My baby boy turns 13 next week, a teenager. He’s a good boy, respectful, kind, focused, amazing at school has quick wit and is damn funny. So far hasn’t gotten into the normal teen rebellion, no drinking, drugs, smoking, running away etc. I’m proud of both of us for that.

My 6 year old is chatty, curious, creative, loving very intelligent.

My sailor is there’s no words which can fully describe him. While at times the man drives me crazy at times he is my rock. Nearly 8months into our relationship I feel…

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Lesbian Sexy Story: Cliche, But Not

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Here’s a lesbian sexy story for you: a sweet teacher-student romance. Enjoy! Cliche, but Not.


Cliche, but Not.

She was my piano teacher, Miss Jenson, who later became Jenny to me. I was five years old; she was in her twenties. I was a shy child, but I liked her instantly. She had long, flowing jet black hair: wavy and smelling of jojoba. Her eyes were charcoal, deeply set and quietly shining with intelligence.

When I turned sixteen, and broke up with my puppy-love boyfriend, I was heartbroken, depressed and frantic. Instead of my peers, I sought out Jenny to listen to my rants. That was the first time I stayed over at her place until daybreak. Funny how I never had pajama-parties with friends of my age, but I could talk effortlessly throughout the night with Jenny. She did not ridicule me, even when I was in my…

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Love – What, Who, Which and Why

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What is it that we truly want from life?
Who is it that I ought to be for you?
Which one would you want me to be –
a person dreaming or one in love with a dream?


Why do the clouds follow the monsoon wind
and sail across the vast stretches
of black, white, green and blue to reach
the mighty mountains of the north?


There even the haughty flesh of the sky
seems to be as pierced as those worn out ears
mistaken for a tiny gallery
of ornaments instead of a hearing device!


Why do the clouds shed those teardrops
brought there, tediously, from so far away
and feed the holy mothers known,
as the Ganges and sinuous Yamuna?


Will cowards and fear always demarcate the ground
and death or love, what shall life become in the end?
Perhaps it is love…

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Promo Results: Using Free Promo Services

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You may remember my recent promotion of Infinite Waters and The Power of Six. For five days, the former was available for free. The latter has stayed on 99c for a little longer, as I didn’t want to interrupt its downloads.

Go Free

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books From

In the past, I’ve used paid services to announce my sales to the world. I usually spend between $50 and $100 per promo. Depending on the season, this generated between 300 and 3,000 downloads. The former was far more common though; that last one was a bit of a fluke, as it was Christmas, and I was accidentally helped by someone posting on Reddit about it (you can read all about it in my A-Z post).

This time, I went (almost) all free. Capital controls are still imposed in Greece, which means that I’m pretty restricted as to spending money abroad. So, I…

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Up and Coming New Product – Pretty Litter starting Angel’s Eyes

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Hello everyone,

It’s very nice to see you again. I have something very special to share with you. It’s so special that it’s a quite a big secret.

Let me make sure no one is around so I can tell you the big secret..
Is anyone under there? Meow….Hello??? Whewww,, I think its clear…


Now that I’m in a quieter spot I can definitely tell you about a Kitty litter that is so special that when your cat acts sick, they are likely in pain. We help you catch potential illness before it develops. Through color-changing litter, Pretty Litter™ catches certain issues early before you see them in your cat.


Here’s a picture of the Litter what it will do when your cat uses this litter.


Pretty Litter helps you catch potential illness early and has advanced odor control, is scoopable, flushable, dust-free, feline-safe, and eco-friendly. We help detect the…

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