2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 3

Finally the end of the list! Just realized, numbers don’t match up right because I put the Harry Potter series and the Dollanganger series together…oopsies.

#Audiobook is #Live!

A Ninja in Time has gone live! Yes it has been a few days since it actually went live, but that’s because I’ve not been working on my computer, but my tablet and phone. The screens are too small or my brain just doesn’t compute new information on anything but the computer. I’m weird. Upside: Free Promo Codes!

*Please note, I believe these codes will only work in the US.

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2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 2

2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 1

  1. Immortal’s Wish by C.J. Vincent 3/5 Stars
  2. Owned by the Hitman by Alexis Abbott 2/5 Stars
  3. The Dominator by D.D. Prince 4/5 Stars
  4. Hook by Adrienne Bell 4/5 Stars
  5. Dust of Snow by Indra Vaughn 4/5 Stars
  6. Embers by Barbara Stein 2/5 Stars
  7. From Out In the Cold by. L.A. Witt 5/5 Stars Called it Perfect for the Season!
  8. The Blue Forces by Gale Keo, Arabella Anderson (Pseudonym) 1/5 Stars
  9. The Omega’ Halloween by Colbie Dunbar 2/5 Stars
  10. Once in a Blue Moon by Kimberly Hunter 3/5 Stars
  11. Desired by Sakura Skye 4/5 Stars
  12. An Unexpected Affair by Lorelei Moone 3/5 Stars
  13. The Wolf, The Curse and The Party by Mina Carter 4/5 Stars
  14. Omega’s Fate by Wolf Specter 3/5 Stars
  15. Claiming Christian by Kiki Burrelli 4/5 Stars Love this one but climax was a bit weak
  16. Finding Finn by Kiki Burrelli 4/5 Stars One of the best I read that year.
  17. The Finding by Nicky Charles 3/5 Stars
  18. The Mating by Nicky Charles 4/5 Stars
  19. His To Protect by Elena Aitken 4/5 Stars
  20. Mars by Becca Fanning 4/5 Stars
  21. Love of an Omega by Kaia Pierce 1/5 Stars
  22. Sealing His Fate by Aiden Bates 5/5 Stars
  23. His Prairie Omega by Macenzie Wilde 3/5 Stars
  24. Spell of an Omega by Kaia Pierce 4/5 Stars
  25. Mating with the Alpha by Van Cole 1/5 Stars

The Beta and Me #BetaandMe

Published on: December 1, 2020.

Description: Lana Honeycomb lives a quiet life with her Uncle Christian, until an unwanted guest arrives on her doorstep. An incident with a towel forces her life to change in a big way and now she is stuck with the Beta of her pack teaching her a new way of life.

The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Goal Setting for 2020

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

Light Bulbs Concept

We’re a month into 2020, and now is a great time to check in on your 2020 goals to see what progress you’re making. Didn’t make any resolutions? It’s not too late! There’s still 11 months left to set and meet some big audiobook goals for this year. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a device that can help you figure it out: S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-Related, and when applied to planning for the coming year, it can help you set goals that you’ll actually attain. Here’s your ACX guide to putting S.M.A.R.T. to work for you.

S is for Specific

Think about any task you set out to complete—it’s always easier to get it done if you have good, clear instructions. Choosing definite areas for your goals makes it easier for you to get to work on them and measure your progress. For…

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#Book #Anniversary: To Paint a Vampire!

On January 21, 2018 I published To Paint a Vampire. I can’t believe I managed to publish back to back like that. So far this is my only vampire story, as I’m more enamored with wolves these days, but I don’t expect it to be my last.

Description: Chrissy White is an artist with minor psychic abilities. She is also a magnet for the wrong kind of men. She has been in and out of the hospital since she was 16 because of her boyfriend. After her last stint in, her friends wanted to cheer her up, so they took her to a party hosted by music mogul Drake Douglas.
The two hit it off the next morning, but Chrissy is suspicious and does not believe he really likes her. Drake does everything he can to woo her, even going as far as stealing and setting up a world class art show.
Trouble hits when unexpected guests come to town and ruin their small happiness. They are torn apart by the uninvited and complicated life differences.

A Ninja in Time #ANIT

Published on May 15, 2019.

Description: Wysteria Sakimoto-Johnston has been trained according to the Bushido code her whole life by her father. Wanting to follow in her deceased mother’s footsteps, she decides to travel to Japan in search of Bisha, her parents’ sensei, to be trained in Jujutsu.
Her father had failed to mention a couple of things about his old teacher, so when Wys arrives to find Bisha is the god of War and intends to train her by sending her back to the Sengoku period, she freaks out inside. Everything happens too fast for her to outwardly react and if she did let her emotions known it could be her death.
During training and trying to survive in a new world, she discovers a power hidden deep within her that gives her hope of returning to the future. Then tragedy strikes and she is no longer sure she can go back to the present or if her honor will prevent her from her ultimate fate.

#Book #Anniversery: An Author’s Romance

A day or two late, but on January 20, 2018 I published An Author’s Romance! It is one of my favorites and can’t believe it has been three years.

Description: Jessabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the night before. Along with her sister, she takes her free trip to Scotland and end up in 1501 Scotland. Not the exact trip she had planned.
She has no idea how to get home, stop her sister from falling in love or save their heads from a blood-thirsty ancestor. Jessabel also has to contend with a jealous housemaid, intent on drowning her as a witch.

Finding Santa #FindingSanta

Published on December 7, 2019.

Funny story, when I started writing this story, I pictured it as a sappy Hallmark/Lifetime holiday movie. A few days after I published it, Hallmark released a movie similar to my story with the same name.

Description: What if Santa Claus wasn’t a man but a title that was passed down from father to son? What if Santa had a daughter? Candy is the daughter of the current Saint Nickolas and his time is up. She must find a new one by Christmas Eve or the world will lose all hope for 100 years (?). Enter Santa’s Secret Service Agent Steelwell, man full of gadgets, tricks, and dossiers on the top three candidates. A couple of bumps along the road cause the two to stumble along the way while the North Pole is under attack from a familiar face that wishes to wipe Christmas Hope off the map. Can Candy find the right man to take over or will it all be turned to fruitcake?