Do what you gotta do by Ryan Fu (The Hated Ones)

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I take a look over the starboard side as we pull into port seeing these ghost-like fish in the water.

“Hey bro, what are those?”


“They look cute.” 

“Sure, if you like kissing a thousand tasers?”


“They can kill you in seconds.”

“There’s not many out here right?”

“Oh no, they’re everywhere over here but there are more sharks but it’s cool they’re the least of your concerns.”

Wondering what else could be least of my concerns with deadly ghost-like fishes swimming all around me, I step onto the quarterdeck with the heat hitting me all at once, which I finally knew what he was talking about. Fuck it was hot. No wonder Jesus died over her.

“Hey bro, is it usually this fucking hot?” 

“Nah, it’s pretty cool today.”

“I guess they were right in bootcamp that was like Hell over here.”

“What? That was bullshit, it barely goes over 130 degrees…

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Uneven Break

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11138091_10153298841777156_6079113143745710461_n“I never sleep. Not ever.”

“Just resting your eyes?” She snuggles closer.

“Not even that.” I’d rather stare blind at the night. At least that’s natural. Just an absense of light. The darkness behind eyelids is another matter.

“Well, if you’re not going to sleep, can you listen out for the cat.” She yawned and stretched under the covers. “I think he’s locked in. If you could-” She trailed off into another yawn.

I don’t sleep. I have never slept.

The sounds of her breathing grow regular and deep. Outside the muted buzz and roar of traffic. A distant television muttering. Words always seem more important when you can’t quite catch them.

They say that without sleep you first go mad. And then you die.

I’ve been lying to her all day. All week. For the three weeks since we met. That I don’t sleep might have been the first…

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I’M ALIVE!!!!!

And highly caffeinated!!!

I’m so sorry I had to take some personal time away. It was much needed to help my daughter overcome a tragedy in life, and for us to do some bonding.

I also took some time to myself this past weekend and went to visit my sister. I had an awesome time. I think I turned my laptop on once in the whole four days I spent with her down at the beach (she lives on a boat).

Oh, and all my frolicking in the beautiful sunshine and water has given me a sunburn from Hell. Well, its healing now. Rather, its peeling now. Its very gross. However, I am not all white and splotchy under the peeling skin…nice and golden tan. Yay!

I am taking one more weekend to myself before I get back to work.

My best friend of 12-13 years is here…

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#BookReview: Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch 4/5 Stars

Overview: Ethan Burke is a Secret Service agent searching for two fellow agents in a town called Wayward Pines. From the moment he wakes up in a forest, mind blank of any information, he thinks something is wrong. His wallet, i.d. and badge are all missing. His head hurts so much and so blank he has to question who he actually is and what he is doing in town. He wanders into town trying to remember what happened but his mind takes him down the wrong path and he winds up in the hospital. He comes to again and escapes the hospital. He manages to regain his memories and goes in search of a hotel room, to regroup and catch some rest but he still doesn’t have any money or credit cards to pay with. He has to rely on the trusting residents to feed and shelter him. At a bar he meets a bartender named Beverly, who helps him by giving him food and an address where she can be reached if he needs more help. He gets to get some sleep, and he is still having headaches but he pushes through and gets a nights rest. The next morning he goes in search of the bartender and finds something more disturbing, that leads him to going to the sheriff’s office. After little to no help, he goes out on his own to accomplish his mission but passes out and lands in the hospital for a third time. Now Ethan is really feeling a sense of something is wrong and its dangerous with his mental injuries incapacitating him. He is told that he has a hematoma and needs surgery but he declines. Against his wishes the nurse pumps him full of anesthesia and wheels him to the operating room. Because she botched the injection he is still awake and they have to wait. Beverly comes to his rescue and they escape while he tries to fight off the drugs pulling him to sleep. In a cemetery, Beverly explains what is going on in town and they come up with an escape plan. Soon they are being hunted by the whole town, dressed in black and carrying weapons. In a run for their lives they separate and try go get out. Ethan gets close to freedom but caught by children and forced to move back into town where he is perused by  men with machetes. Once safe he learns of Beverly’s fate and continues running. He manages to escape, fights for his life and learns the true meaning behind the town.

Opinion: Awesome and interesting. Some of the description can be a bit confusing but its really good. The mystery keeps deepening and just sucks you in. Until the very end you don’t know what is really going on. I had thoughts of a sci-fi nature because we see things that are not quite human or animal, time travel seems to be a factor in different spots and even mind control becomes a possibility. However, the actual events that occur never come to mind. I try not to leak spoilers so I won’t share what happens, but I am moving on to the second book soon.

Happiness – What Could Have Been…

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I am fascinated with life, and the idea of each and every person having their own pathway on which they follow… 

It’s not that I believe in fate, or that I think we have any kind of predetermined outcome by some fella upstairs…instead I think of us as paving our own way – desperately struggling to lay the yellow bricks in front of us as we attempt to navigate through our lives. Sometimes we stumble across good eggs like Scarecrow, Tim Woodman, and Cowardly Lion – and then occasionally there are sadistic witches and flying killer monkeys who rip off all of your limbs…

Wizard of OZ GIF

Swings, and roundabouts I suppose…

 I mean granted not everything can be cheese, back rubs, and new posts from Storytime with John, right? There are shitty moments too – it’s just all about finding those happy moments, and treasuring them, whilst also trying to derive…

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