I suck at keeping up with a blog. I haven’t written on here in a long time, I have tried to keep up with it off and on but always fall off. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, I decided to create a podcast. So far, I have been able to keep up with at least one post a week. I don’t know why it is easier for me to keep up with a podcast than it is to keep up with a blog, but it is. It can be found on Audible, Spotify, Player FM and a couple of others I’m not 100% sure went through. https://www.podpage.com/book-hoard/ Keeps track of the episodes as well.

I’m not saying that I will be leaving the blog entirely, but I’m also not sure when the next time I will be posting on here. As it is, I already put off making this post for over a month.

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#Book #Anniversary: Touchdown Interruption

This little eight year old book was my first published story and will always be a favorite because of that. Lately, I have been thinking about giving Touchdown Interruption a nice overhaul to make it better. I just need to check with its number one fan first.

Description: A girl starving for freedom from her father, gains it by breaking her arm. Something unexpected occurs while alone, that puts herself in danger as well as her heart. Will Jezebel be able to survive mortal peril of her own making?

#Book #Anniversary: Finding Santa

Finding Santa is now 2 years old! Even though it is really short, it took around five years to write and then the Lifetime or Hallmark came out with a movie with the same name and close to the same plot! I think mine has a little more magic to it. 🙂

Description: What if Santa Claus wasn’t a man but a title that was passed down from father to son? What if Santa had a daughter? Candy is the daughter of the current Saint Nickolas and his time is up. She must find a new one by Christmas Eve or the world will lose all hope for 100 years. Enter Santa’s Secret Service Agent Steelwell, man full of gadgets, tricks, and dossiers on the top three candidates. A couple of bumps along the road cause the two to stumble along the way while the North Pole is under attack from a familiar face that wishes to wipe Christmas Hope off the map. Can Candy find the right man to take over or will it all be turned to fruitcake?

#Book #Anniversary: The Beta and Me

That was a fast first year for The Beta and Me. Cheers to many more!

Description: Lana Honeycomb lives a quiet life with her Uncle Christian, until an unwanted guest arrives on her doorstep. An incident with a towel forces her life to change in a big way and now she is stuck with the Beta of her pack teaching her a new way of life.

#Book #Anniversary: Revealed (Legend Series Bk 2)

Seven years later and I have yet to finish the third installment of the Legend Series. Revealed, itself, took a while because I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go and now I’m not sure how to wrap up the twins’ story.

Description: Alexa-Jordyn just found out she is a Bean Sidhee, but what does that mean? Things get even stranger as her best friend comes to her rescue in the form of a bird, friends turn on her and things become heated with J.P.

#FindingSanta Audiobook

Finding Santa is now an Audiobook! I never thought I would do this book in any form other than ebook, mainly because it is so short. However a friend of mine requested this one specifically and I decided to make it for him.

What if Santa Claus wasn’t a man but a title that was passed down from father to son? What if Santa had a daughter? Candy is the daughter of the current Saint Nickolas and his time is up. She must find a new one by Christmas Eve or the world will lose all hope for 100 years (?). Enter Santa’s secret service agent Steelwell, a man full of gadgets, tricks, and dossiers on the top three candidates. A couple of bumps along the road cause the two to stumble along the way, while the North Pole is under attack from a familiar face that wishes to wipe Christmas hope off the map. Can Candy find the right man to take over or will it all be turned to fruitcake?

#AAR is Now An #Audiobook

An Author’s Romance is about J

essabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the night before. Along with her sister, she takes her free trip to Scotland and end up in 1501 Scotland. Not the exact trip she had planned. 

She has no idea how to get home, stop her sister from falling in love, or save their heads from a blood-thirsty ancestor. Jessabel also has to contend with a jealous housemaid, intent on drowning her as a witch.

https://www.amazon.com/An-Authors-Romance/dp/B09KKGMLYK/ref=tmm_aud_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= #TimeTravelRomance #AAR

#BookReview: Saved by His Submissive by Angel Payne 2/5 Stars

First off, the wet dream opener went from nice to long and then way too long. I survived it.

Second issue came when the MMC and his buddy were chatting. The conversation was so stilted and heavy handed I almost  quit reading. Nobody talks like that unless they were in a poorly written cop show. It was horrible.

My third issue is the girl we thought dead is still alive. Now this is a problem because from the title and a few sentences after the excruciating dream sequence (total cliche how he woke up btw), I assumed he found a woman to help him get over the loss of his fiance. Now that we know she’s alive, he is probably going to rescue her and not really have to deal with the loss he’s been feeling for a year. Most people would think this is awesome, two love birds back together! I vote it is boring.

Number 4, the MFC claims she and a friend got away for awhile and then was recaptured. Going from free to move about in a cage to shackled in a cage is not getting away for a bit. They tried to get away, fought with the captors but knocked unconscious in the fight.

How is she writing things and hiding, what I assume is a small notebook, in a backpack when she is supposed to be shackled to a wall? How is she allowed to have a pack on her while being held against her will?

Now they’re back together, as predicted but suddenly he wants a bdsm romp with her and can’t bring himself to do it. They had sex before she was kidnapped, but apparently it was just vanilla and he suddenly becomes more conflicted about sex than Christian Grey. Wouldn’t his sex life have been affected since the age of 12 when he saw his uncle in a scene with a woman? He states he’s had these dark urges since then, but couldn’t get it up when his best friend took him to a club, so this whole side plot isn’t making sense.

She probably has PTSD, and rightfully should, and that it what alerted her to another presence in the room. Not because it was the MMC.

How has the kidnapping experience changed her? Nothing she has done has seemed out of character, then again except for her sex life we no little to nothing about her. However, the MMC hasn’t noticed any changes, so the question remains, how has she changed?

Any tattoo artist with a hint of self respect would not tattoo a drunk client.

How did the army not run DNA tests on the ashes of someone they believed to be their own? Why did the kidnappers release the men alive, but make it seem like the girls were dead? Why does one girl have ptsd from being kidnapped, but the other doesn’t? How is the MMC not a paranoid mess? How is she acting like a petulant child because her fiance is trying to protect her and not in fear of being taken again? Yea a couple of those might be answered with the fact that she doesn’t know she’s being hunted, but she has mentioned that the guy is terrified of something. With her latest experience her mind should be thinking either the kidnapper got away or has someone hunting her. She is acting as if she went on vacation for a year and not being held against her will. Hell, she even refers to it as being on the run. She wasn’t on the run, she was being shuttled from one hideout to the next by her captors. She has said once or twice that she went through hell, but we only got one glimpse of what she went through and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The author seems to have only thought about what the characters should go through and carried it out at 20%. If that.

The more I think about it, the more questions come. How did she get back on base? Everyone knows her face, she wouldn’t be able to sign up for missions yet let alone unrestricted access to the base. She would be on medical leave until the legal matter of her death was resolved. Army isn’t about to let someone who should be unstable do any kind of mission, especially when they do know someone is after her.

Confused. Do they live on base? Nothing said before would lead me to believe they do, so why would they go shopping at the commissary? And I still don’t buy the MMC not telling the girl her life is still in danger. All she needs to know is the bad guy has connection in town and she is being hunted. None of that could cause problems if she were rekidnapped. If told MFC might actually start acting like a normal person and not a selfish brat.

I feel this story’s title is misleading. It’s not really the MFC that’s going to save him. It’s his Uncle basically giving him permission to enter the BDSM lifestyle.

Someone has listened to Ann Murray a little too much.

The only way making plans the day before adds up, is if they did so in public or the house was bugged, which we’ve not seen evidence of, so no it doesn’t add up.

Pregnant older wife. Let’s not forget the aunt is in a high pregnancy situation and stress could easily cause her to miscarry their only chance at a child…just saying.

All of a sudden they know for sure that fake popo audio tapped the house…okay… oh look pigs flying by my window.

74% into this and I’m still wondering where the hell is this woman’s military training? Am I remembering wrong that she was trained in the Army? No couldn’t be because th6Army is the one who called off the search, sent a chaplain to relay the news and gave her (at the time)posthumous medals. So did she just shut off the part of her brain that went through boot camp? Why is she waiting around playing damsel in distress? Why hasn’t she been trying to kick ass and get them out? This is another reason the title makes no sense. It will be the second time her fiancĂ© has had to rescue her.

Civilian, late pregnancy having, aunt Josie has more balls than the Army trained MFC.

Two or three times now she has been able to tell when her man was in the room, just from him standing there. Why couldn’t she do it now? It was painfully obvious the buyers would be the MMC and friends. My only thing is why the hell haven’t they rescued the girls yet? Why are they still pretending to buy them instead of beating the shit out of the kidnappers?

When did he remove the gag? Why did he remove the gag? For padding the runtime.

Again, saved by a civilian. Is this book ever going to end?

Yay, finally ended. Predictable and blah for the amount of potential it had.

#BookReview: Forever Lies by Jill Ramsower 4/5 Stars

I can already tell this is going to be a long one.

The first whole page is dedicated to the MFC complaining about Mondays. I get it, everybody hates Mondays, but you know what? If Monday didn’t exist, Tuesday would be the knew Monday. Hating the day just because of where it falls is stupid. My aunt loves Monday, but hates Thursday. Why? Because her work week starts on Thursday, it is her Monday.

Then there’s the complaining about the pervy boss…either quit or stand up for yourself. Oh, but the MFC doesn’t want to quit and spoil her chances of her getting her dream job! Then STAND UP! The boss pulls her close to him by the waist and his hand drifts down to cup her ass, but she just stands there because she doesn’t want to make a scene. Make a damn scene! Do that once or twice and the asshole will eventually stop or HR will have to step in. Just because making a scene in the office is embarrassing doesn’t mean it won’t work. Others might come out and stand with her if she did, because she can’t be the only one in the office he was hitting on.

Why would the boss need to take a week long business trip to LA for a project based in the company’s own city?

Oh, look at that, 3 or 4 pages in we learn she has daddy issues. She can’t stand up to the boss because she’s a people pleaser, specifically older males in authority. Say what you want about Freud being a fraud, but he got some things right in my opinion.

Do elevators get stuck often enough to be considered a non-emergency. Or do I just think it would be an emergency because I don’t like elevators and, to me, being stuck in one would be cause for alarm?

And here we see the double standard, ugly guy hits on MFC and it’s harassment. Hot guy, who is probably the MMC, hits on her and it’s sexy or romantic.

And he has mommy issues. How cute. (Large eye roll)

With the entrance of the possible 2nd love interest, I ask why is the third person in a love triangle always a guy? Like why not another girl trying to get the attention of the MMC or even interested in the MFC? Does it always have to be a safe boring guy with no hope of winning? Or am I just reading the wrong books? After Read: So this side character could have been used more or the information he gave could have been delivered by someone else.

Never understood why being trapped in a tiny car, high up in the air is supposed to be romantic. I hate heights, makes me physically sick, but ferris wheels are so cliché, they seem to be standard for falling in love.

How can you be Italian and not know any Italian? I thought that was a given, no matter how many generations removed your family is from the homeland.

For a guy trying to find certain information, he ain’t doing a very good job. After Read: The information just fell into his lap. Whatever the MMC’s job in the mafia is, based on the evidence in this book, he sucks at it.

Props for having a birth control/std convo before doing the deed.

Red flag number 2 will be more ignored than red flag number 1.

Yea, MFC went to HR to file a complaint, but they were out of the office so nothing’s going to happen. Because she left the building without waiting, meaning she’s either not going to go back or she will forget about the sexual harassment charge until it happens again.

Actually a lot of studies have shown men fall in love/get attached faster than women.

First 2 paragraphs of Chapter 19 read like they were written by Lemony Snicket. The narrator says a word then goes over the definition in excruciating detail with different scenarios to match. Weirdly placed here.

If it was meant to be a surprise that her dad was a crime lord, the author failed. Again it’s almost another clichĂ©. Any time I read a mafia book where the woman doesn’t realize the mafia still exists, it turns out her dad was either in the family or is the head of a family. Somehow I think there would have been signs growing up, no matter how careful he was, but the girl has to be either incredibly stupid or naĂŻve to have not realized it.

Well that went better than I thought it would. Still could have been better though.