Stephen King

Yes, it is an entire post about the King of horror. The man is a genius when it comes to writing, and when his books become movies…well the nightmares continue.according to a short list of his material, I have read 31 out of 72 of his books. I know there are probably more that I have read that may not have been on the list, or I don’t remember, but still I think that is a nice starting number. I am of course always ready to read more. For Christmas I happened to get Joyland, but haven’t made it through my list to it yet. Here’s the page for the quiz if you would like to see your results:

I would have to say that the movie “It” is my favorite because that is the first movie of his I watched. My favorite book would have to be…”Pet Sematary.” The book itself gave me nightmares and I had to stop reading it for awhile and go back to it so I could get some good sleep.

The book Cell is about cell phones attacking and one man sets out to find his family. Guess what?!? It is getting a movie! Plus one of my favorite actors is starring in the lead!! John Cusack, who also played in 1408 (another King creation) is going to be playing Clay Riddell, the man in search of his family. Samuel L. Jackson is joining him as a fellow traveler. Here is the first look at the movie:

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