The Voices in My Head


These voices that scream and whisper
in my head, perpetual, even
in my dreams they keep persisting
like entropies around the edge
of the cosmos, are driving me insane!

Each of them is as different
as human thoughts can be, while some
in mellow whispers sing of love,
others are more inclined to scream
in rage against a perceived injustice!

Then I heard that conscience has a voice too,
praising good deeds, from a biased perception,
with loud words and mildly admonishing
my evil deeds, which I had never meant to do!



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Published by Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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