#Musical Monday Review #11: Spinout

Overview: Race car driver, Mike McCoy, meets a girl that runs him off the road and while he is wading in the shallow river he drove into all she wants to do is talk about dating him. Unknowingly, there is a second girl hiding in the bushes watching him. Mike also moonlights as a singer at a jazz club where women throw themselves at him, and he is offered five grand to sing one song for a woman’s birthday but he refuses because he and the band have other commitments. Then we learn his drummer also has a crush on him, but he seems to treat her more like a little sister than a prospective lover. Mike is still being followed by a stalker and catches her spying and confronts her. She happens to be an author who is writing a book about the perfect American man. Her current chapter is about musician, explaining why she’s been following him for weeks. The music group moves on to their next gig, but during rehearsals they find that their tour has been canceled due to having to sing at the birthday party. Cynthia, the birthday girl, is the same one who ran him off the road and her dad is a big business man dealing with car manufacturing. After canceling Mike’s tour and forcing him to sing for his daughter, he offers a racing job in a brand new car. Mike declines, because he has issues with rich people buying others off. The author decides Mike is the perfect man and decides to marry him. Cynthia conspires with her dad to keep him in town so she can marry him. As a ploy to keep them in town, Cynthia sends a cop over to their campsite to kick them out of town. Mike talks a sweet old couple into going on a vacation so he and the band can move into the house next door and stay awhile. There is immediate attraction to the author, and he is slowly falling for Cynthia. The drummer is too shy to voice her opinion and quietly loves him from the sidelines while trying to keep him away from other girls. Even though she is trying to be woo’d by a cooking cop. Seeing trouble, the other band members get together and plan to get Mike to drive for Mr. Foxhugh, even after he declined in the first place. His ego kept him in town, his love of cars gets him to drive the new car. That is until Mike is told not to marry Cynthia and Mike decides not to drive for him. Mike enters the race with his own car to beat the new car. Throughout the movie Mike is against marriage, but we see him start warming up to the idea as he starts hearing wedding bells anytime he kisses one of the girls. The night before the big race, Les dolls herself up and kisses Mike confessing her love. He then lands in hot water when confronted by other suitors for the girls. Race day comes and the little couple come home to watch the race, helping enforce his need to make a decision. Phillip, Cynthia’s feinting suitor, steals Mike’s car, forcing Mike to use a disqualified competitor’s to win the race. In an attempt to talk with Mike, Cynthia joins the race and is run off the road into the same creek she pit him in, in the beginning. After the race, he had made his choice, he married all three women…to the other suitors.

Overview: I love Elvis!!! Now that the fan girl moment is over, the musical is a bit cheesy and the music only serves to showcase Elvis’ voice. For the most part, the music doesn’t do anything for the movie. Most musicals, the music furthers the story or the storyline is very dependent on the music. Here we see music for the sake of music. The songs are put in place just so they can make money, without them or Elvis there is a good chance this movie would have never been made. With him being such a big star at the time, anything Elvis touched was turning to gold…except for his beloved westerns. The fans wanted to hear him sing and watch him dance, they didn’t care if the musical itself was any good. Which is why this musical, and others, turned out to be a disappointment for me. He had the potential to make the musical great, but because his heart wasn’t in it and the script was poor, it just didn’t come out as a grand musical. So unfortunately I do not have any favorites from this musical.

Published by Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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