The Book Blogger Task: Answers to Bookish Questions

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I found this Friday blog tag on My Little Book Blog when I went through my WordPress feed and thought it would be nice to jump in the tag train. I’m giving some honest answers to the bookish questions below…

What are your top three book hates?

1) Love triangles dominating YA fantasy. I hate them. I hate them so much I’m running a series of posts featuring YA Fantasy books with no love triangles (and minimum romance.)

2) Books taking forever to come out. Winds of Winter and Doors of Stone being the most famous examples. I hate waiting for 5 years for a book after devouring the whole series, damnit!

3) Book not available where I live. I strictly buy e-books only and it’s very irritating when the books are available only in certain zones.


Describe your perfect reading spot.

I really don’t have one. I read on…

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