My Amityville Horror (2012)

Rare Horror


This is a mostly spoiler-free quick review:

I have always been fascinated with the Amityville haunting case and the paranormal in general. However, I’m definitely a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural.   I find it interesting to think about the real events that led to this story becoming larger than life.  Did the Lutz’ fake it all for publicity, or was it a case of coincidences and misunderstandings?

I decided to watch My Amityville Horror in hopes of hearing a fresh perspective on the events that unfolded in the infamous house.  My Amityville Horror is a documentary in which Daniel Lutz, now in his late 40s, gives his side of what happened. Daniel, the eldest child in the Lutz house, was 9 at the time of the alleged haunting.

It is clear early on in the film that Daniel despised his step dad, George Lutz, who he refers…

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Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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