Wedding Tips for Marrying a German: 5 Things to Know Before ‘Die Hochzeit’

Working on The Price of War, and doing some research. Found this and love it!

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

Oh-God-My-Wife-Is-German-Logo-No-Text “… to have and to hold, to honor and obHEEEEYYYY!”

I am American. My wife is German. We got married in the States and it was awesome. So awesome, in fact, I was inspired to write this blog post for the benefit of every American who has married — or is about to marry — a German person while in the United States of America.

‘Die Hochzeit,’ meaning ‘Wedding’ in German, sounds rather intimidating, doesn’t it? Unless you’re currently learning the German language and are familiar with its pronunciation, ‘Die’ is probably the word you’d least like to associate with the happiest day of your life, and ‘Hochzeit’ sounds, at least to me anyway, an awful lot like ‘Hogtied.’

funny hogtied couple Pictured: the bride, about to die… hogtied. — Image courtesy of Orin Zebest (

But marrying someone from Germany really isn’t the frightening ordeal one might reasonably expect it to be…

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