It Smelled Funny; That Smelt I Caught…

I reviewed a book a few months ago that every single time the main character smelled something (which oddly, for any story, was a lot), he smelt it.

The first time I saw it, I chuckled…the 6th time I saw it, I knew this writer had no idea how to find and hire an editor.

The story was great; but I could not get past the smelt-situation. There were other spelling and sentence errors, but they seemed like nothing compared to this.

This, my friends, is why you should not trust your spell-checker 100%.

Funny Smell Image

You can smell something (verb), or something can smell. You can never smelt something, because it is a fish, and I am not a veterinarian, but I believe the sense of smell in a fish has something to do with the gills, and amount of oxygen in the water. Honestly, I am not even sure if…

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I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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