Help me Choose Musiville’s Cover

I like 2b or 3

Nicholas C. Rossis

When I revealed Musiville’s book cover the other day, you were all so sweet about it and seemed to enjoy it. However, John Howell’s comment about how he liked Pandiano made me think.

You see, that problem I’m having is that Maraceros, the protagonist, is not book cover material, as he looks like a misshapen smudge when small. That’s why I picked Trumpephant instead.

The options I have, as I see it, are:

  1. Use Maraceros, ignoring the smudge factor.
  2. Use any photogenic, animal for the cover –  say Trumpephant or Pandiano.
  3. Use a number of animals to highlight the “village” thing.

So, please allow me to present these options in all their glory. Any feedback will be much appreciated!

To help you vote, here’s a small poll:

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