5 Biggest Writing Myths 

Christopher Kokoski

profile pic Myths never look you in the eye 🙂

5 Biggest Writing Myths

Like any art, writing is filled with mythology and folklore, attracting diametrically opposite beliefs, as if the craft were either a conman’s hack or  – quite conversely  – a divine undertaking possible only through an infusion of magic. 

The reality, as is usually the case, is both peripherally present in these myths and yet so far removed. 

Here, then, are the 5 Biggest Writing Myths:

Writing is Easy 

The physical act of scrawling symbols is easy – some animals can even do it

Writing poorly is also easy. 

Writing well – the kind of “well” that evokes strong emotion, that transcends mere words and rises toward lived experience – that kind of writing is difficult. 

Like any art, writing is a craft to be mastered. Sure, there are moments of sublime inspiration, however, just as many or…

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