Guest Post by Rob Hayes: It’s Not Steampunk. It’s Alchemypunk

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Hailing from all over England; north, south, and everything in between, Rob J. Hayes is the author of the dark fantasy series The Ties that Bind and also the steampunk caper series It Takes a Thief… He’s also an avid card gamer, reader of books, watcher of things, and player of video games.

The second book in the It Takes a Thief… series, It Takes a Thief to Start a Fire, is available October 25th from Amazon. You can find out more at


It’s Not Steampunk. It’s Alchemypunk

I’ve now written 2 books in my It Takes a Thief… series and I’ve noticed something. They invariably get lumped into the Steampunk genre. Why? Because they have airships and folk who talk fancy and wear nice clothes. That’s actually about where the similarities end.

A brief search for the definition of Steampunk comes up with this:

Steampunk is a subgenre…

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