New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again where we all make promises for the next year that we only keep for a month at most (Good for you for the very rare few that actually accomplish them!).

So what am I promising this year? I am going to bring back the one from last year, I am going to attempt to not add more books to my To Be Read List. Which is entering the new year at a whopping 5005 books. That resolution last a good six months in 2016, but then I broke it. I may let myself add one book for every two or three I read that way I’m not breaking the promise but at the same time paying homage to my addiction.


Because my TBR list is still so long, I am going to attempt to lower it again. 2016 I was crazy and started the year with a goal of reading 75 books, come July I had read 60+. I upped the goal to 150 and barely squeaked by. I am thinking that a hard 80 will be good for 2017. I won’t change the number, but if I go over YAY! If I am under, I will read until 2359 December 31st to put in my best effort. Hopefully this will also lead to more book reviews and less of me just rating them with stars, which is a bad habit I keep falling into. I’d like to do a book or two a day, but I don’t have time for that unfortunately.

I need to keep working on my health. As ya’ll know I was diagnosed with Diabetes this year and my doctor and I are working to get it under control but it’s not working that well. It is better than it was but still too high. So that means working on diet and exercise. Yay for Pokemon Go, the app that is going to be a big help…I just need to figure out the the difference between kilometres and miles (WHY can’t Niantic measure in miles? Or America jump on board with like every other country in the world?)

I also need to get better at keeping track of my blood sugar numbers and taking the medicine. Well I take the medicine, I just have the small issue of remembering if I took both doses or if I still have one I need to take. One of these days I’m going to overdose on either my happy pills (risk of seizure) or my Metformin (dropping sugar too low and getting sick) and be in some bigger trouble.

I have also worked out a new schedule for my writing, I just need to keep it in place. I have two books that I need to go through and edit one more time before publishing but I still have 25+ currently in progress. This year I would like to see those two published and (realistically) one more, or (optimistically) two more.

I have a new system in place so I can keep better track of the amount of words I write throughout the year. I would like to write more than I did in 2016. I only started doing this in late October, so since then I have written a little over 115,000 words in three months. So with three NaNoWriMos (50,000 a piece) and the rest of the year, I’m thinking of a goal for 200,000. I don’t think that is too much to ask considering NaNoWriMo total is 150,000 alone and 20+ books to write, it should be easy…or at least challenging. Just not too crazy, right? It’s only 548 words a day, I may up it. I’ve been writing close to 1666 a day since November and if I didn’t make that quota, I shift the remainder to the next day. I don’t know now, I’ll think about it and get back to you.

I also have an idea for how I will keep myself accountable, I’m going to put the numbers of how many books I have left in my TBR and how many words I have written at the top or bottom of every blog post I make. It may work and it may not, but it can only help.

Hoping to write more blog posts. I think I started 2016 off well, but then it tapered down to like nothing. I want to work on more of the #FindingFamily FanFiction (am having issues with one of the characters not cooperating) as well as I psychotically have another FanFiction in mind that I have so many chapters mapped out (50+) that I will be posting once I get them started.

finding family

I would also like to start updating my Author Page more and maybe spend less time on Facebook, but I also have the Author Page there that pretty much runs itself.


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