Three Writing Rules That Are Kinda Dumb

Was unaware we were the only ones that put punctuation inside the quotations and I’ve read books written from British authors. The whole “toward/towards” thing is new to me too. I just use whichever fits the bill. As for the spelling differences, I usually only get caught on grey/gray. Other than that it doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is British using parenthesis instead of quotation marks for dialogue. Instead of “Wow” the character will say ‘Wow.’

A Writer's Path


by Allison Maruska

There are many rules that govern our writing and language use. Ever useful, sometimes changing, and occasionally bizarre.

There are some rules I just can’t seem to learn. My brain refuses to let them in, and I have to look them up every single damn time I need to use them. One of those is the lay/lie/laying/lying differences. Grammar Girl comes in handy with that one.

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