#BookReview: Paranormal University Third Semester by Jace Mitchell and Michael Anderle 3/5 Stars

Deep breath in…out here we go for book 3.

Frank didn’t talk to anyone at the start of the last book either. Why the big worry? I’d think Claire would be the one to worry about, witch or not, she killed a human. That should add some depth to her psyche. Added note after finishing: No change at all. 😡

Going to be pissed if Richard isn’t a turncoat. Foundation was laid that he was an undercover FBI agent who joined the dark side. I figured it would be pretty cool if he was Lance, it would have helped him so much in terms of character, but it didn’t turn out that way. Here’s hoping he is still some unknown government lackey to spice things up a bit.

The world is supposedly in immediate peril, but they have time to take vacations? I didn’t question it in the last book because Frank isn’t supposed to be at the school, but now I am. The students don’t seem to learn much outside of facing a threat that occurs too soon for them to have a lot of information on, but somehow pull a lot out of their asses. The FBI try to make it seem like it is a constant, urgent matter where vacation isn’t possible; so why are they taking a two week break? Ruins the sense of urgency.

Wouldn’t it be important to reach your people at all times in this possible war? Again this goes with the sense of urgency and impending war. Let’s say they wanted to give the kids a break, which they did, but unless the cult got the same memo, they aren’t going to take a break. Everything is business as usual and the FBI already knew what the next case would be or else Remington and Lance wouldn’t be in BFE Nebraska. If something happened and they needed to band together, all members of the team should have been given a smartphone to keep in touch. This way they could have been briefed on things quickly and given more time to prepare before getting to the school and having things thrown at them. Again nitpicking…sorry, but not really.

In a single month Marissa has managed to build up enough stamina to contain a more skilled witch ? Sorry, I call BS. That’s the problem with having a magical draining system. It takes time to build up the stamina and ability to hold off the enemy, unless she’s using dark side shortcuts which will eventually turn her evil…promising future or another let down? Remind me why I continued with this series…

Better to have one then none, but if training a whole school to fight the battles, better to have many than one. At least give it some type of schooling instead of just the three.

Dr. Byron all of a sudden believes the Veil activity in Nebraska could be a hoax. I don’t know what to say. Out of everything in the first two books, this naysayer attitude comes too late and from someone it shouldn’t.

Just because the FBI hasn’t shown up yet and videos have been used as proof of Veil activity in the past, the world logic would say this is something that needs to be addressed. I kind of feel like this is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Where Harry is being isolated and almost pushed aside. The teacher suddenly doesn’t believe and wants to wash it under the bridge, making Claire think it should be ignored as well. Even though she was worried about it until Byron said not to. Must be nice to be able to turn off the worry like that.

And great foreshadowing by having the class always study for what is immediately coming next, even though they have no clue what it is going to be. At least HP changed course when Lupin came in and Snape tried to warn them by changing the syllabus. Big eye roll and heavy sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

How can you give up someone’s location if you don’t know their location or have a way of getting in contact with that person? Unnecessary or unwarranted conflict doesn’t make the story better or have more sense, just makes readers go “huh? That’s stupid.”

Something else just came to mind, if Tina was in a coma, how did the spells keep running? Yes she wasn’t dead, but at the same time there wouldn’t have been enough brain function to keep the spells afloat.

Lost a bit of my notes here…End of chapter 12 now.

Claire the whole series is based on the FBI using you! You signed up for it!

Would like more information on The 5. Especially Bill. He offers no value except to ask stupid questions.

How can Frank claim something is true, if before he started he said it’s what he heard and doesn’t know if it’s true or not?

Zeus does realize that all those weather changes affect the air as well right? Meaning it’s going to be killing his subjects as well and will lose the bet faster than Poseidon. No? Ok.

Did the trio eat alone before Claire left? Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t really know because it’s like the rest of the class doesn’t exist…maybe they are all Mythers…

Still no proof that Claire is better than anyone else. Just being told that she is.  She hasn’t really done anything too impressive either. Everything she and the group have done is something everyone else could do with the right training…the training they are all getting at the school.

If all it takes is one student dropping out to bring the whole school down, you got issues.

Yes Lance, kill the only teacher that gets any facetime. Sarcasm oozing out again.

Honestly I feel they were more prepared for the vampires than the ghosts but that’s just me.

Said you don’t know who the cult leaders are. Implied you didn’t know for sure if they’re human. Samantha’s Uncle is one… all of a sudden, out of nowhere you have someone related to the cult leaders. Why isn’t she the MC?

Sam is only an emotional play if her Uncle likes/loves her. Sounds like they weren’t close to begin with and then he disappeared when she was younger. So really she isn’t even mediocre leverage at all.

What the hell did Jack think the Seals would do? Tickle the bad guys?

Random thought: how or why do night vision or thermal imaging goggles not pick up the Mythers? At the very least they seem the most adaptable piece of equipment that would allow adults to see them.

Why is it still necessary to hold the book? Her character should have had it memorized by now. She should be learning to make her own spells. Unless you’re trying to say the power comes from the book, in which case make multiple copies and get to teaching everybody! But that would also ruin the climax from book two as those witches didn’t need to hold the book to cast spells.

If told to fall back, those at the top of the stairs would have backed up out of the way. Not pushed forward blocking their men’s exit, leading to their death.

Hades knows how night vision goggles work? Really? That doesn’t seem likely.

Apparently being in the 18-23 age bracket gives you the ability to see things at superspeed!

Lance and Remington are either dead, brain dead or severely concussed. Either way, out of the game for a good long while. Added note: how the hell are they still alive, let alone in stable enough condition to leave the hospital? Plothole Magic! *unimpressed eye roll*

Jack complaining about the FBI agents is stupid. He decided to go on the mission. He saw how they were thrown into a wall by a god and should be dead. So he shouldn’t be blaming anything on Remington or Lance.

Oh, look, they’re going to get weapons even though they were told they had no weapons or time to build them…where have I seen that before?

Why in the hell would the first type of Mythers that they wanted to weaponize against be Greek Gods, when everything else coming through the Veil was minor in comparison? Why specifically Greek gods? That makes NO SENSE!!! But explains why they “rush” to produce other weapons because they are sooo deep in god-mode nothing else matters.

How and when did they get a piece of Hades’ helmet or Cerebus’ dog collar to study and replicate in the form of a baseball cap?!?

Dean Pritchem, you did go there to run a Paramilitary operation training center. That was the whole basis for the school!

How is Lance talking if his jaw is wired shut? Somebody skipped that episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

If the witch has the place hexed up so Marissa can’t work any spells, why does she need to be gagged?

If they’re fighting in a basement (side note anyone who has seen Inglorious Bastards would know, you don’t do) why or how are there glass windows?

They got the powers from the witches or the gods? Little ambiguous there.

Please send help, the series is getting worse before it is getting any better.

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