#BookReview: Very Bad Things (Briarwood Academy Book 1) by Ilsa Madden-Mills 1/5 Stars

Ok, so I haven’t disliked a book this bad since  I went off on the Paranormal University series. I will not be reading the sequels to this one ever.
Let’s catch you up as I’m halfway through when I started this.

The MFC has gone mental after her crush had a one night stand with her. And I don’t mean the normal crazy girls are often said to do when they have been wronged. I mean certifiably insane. I seriously get Stephen King’s Carrie vibes, but without everything that made Carrie cool.

Her mother is a T-total bitch, and though we haven’t seen anything too bitchy, but it is alluded to that she can be physically abusive. The father is only ever mentioned as being across town for work and her half brother is a drug addict. I’m calling it now, the half brother has raped her, but they seem to be saving that big news for the later half of the book. There are also mentions that she has been with others, before her one night stand but it is fuzzy as to if they were consensual or not. After read: Her sexual history is still a bit fuzzy.

One of her many “let’s-break-the-perfect-me” moments is she goes in to get a tattoo with a friend and walks out with ONE breast piercing. Who in their right minds gets one nipple pierced? I have never seen or heard of this. It’s weird. On top of it all, she doesn’t pay for it. Just walks out after getting dressed and it’s like instantly healed, no tenderness or anything later.

The MMC can’t decide if he wants to be a father like figure to her or screw her brains out.

There was an incident with the couple and the MMC’s current girlfriend that irks me. The MMC drags MFC into the bathroom to play daddy and say she can’t wear the skimpy dress out in public,  they end up making out. When they rejoin the girlfriend, brother (MMC’s brother) and MFC’s best friend in the living room, the MFC thinks the girlfriend isn’t stupid because she can tell they were making out. Messed hair and lipstick smeared are the tell-tell signs. Ok, but it was also mentioned that her neck was sucked on hard. The word suck was used three times actually. So you know there’s a hickey that everybody sees. But apparently no one can because no one mentions it and the MFC continues to go to a party and make out with another guy.

At this party she runs into another guy who tries to get frisky and it is assumed that he had sexual relations with her before that were not welcomed. And just because this guy just broke up with his two girlfriends that day, she doesn’t want to be with him. Yes, it could be because he forced himself on her before, but then she wouldn’t know what double standards are and she’s supposed to be super intelligent. Something we only see very occasionally.

Oh and she has a stash of coke in her purse that she keeps thinking about taking, but ends up drinking vodka instead.

Little PSA: VODKA HAS A DISTINCT SMELL! I don’t know how or why this myth got started, but vodka has a strong smell and it can be detected by anyone within 30ft of you.

Ok going to try and keep going now.

How the hell does a girl that leaves 5 minutes before you, pull up at her house minutes after you parked in front of it? Ya didn’t pass her car on the road, and she just left your place where she saw you kissing your girlfriend.

Which is another thing, how is being caught kissing, fully clothed, the same as caught having sex? I have seen some graphic PDA, but the kiss described was pretty pg-13, but the MFC said the MMC pretty might as well have caught them horizontally.

MMC doesn’t understand why needy people fish for compliments on Facebook, and yet this whole story is about how needy and desperate she is to get a guy to like her…see the mental issues?

Slapping can leave bruises too.

It is kind of funny, I am 55% in and it has not once been mentioned that the MFC’s mother smokes. But I picture her with a cigarette in her hand, maybe even one of those cigarette extenders from the 1920’s. Now, halfway through and the mother pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Just found that funny.

Half brother sent you a picture that would be proof of the rapage! Show the mama, she can’t deny a picture. Even if she can, the popo can’t. Use it as blackmail, common sense really, but I bet that doesn’t happen.

Can we stop being overdramatic about telling the school to fuck off? Not that big of a deal.

Since the MFC now lives across the street from the MMC, how do they not see each other in passing for almost a full week? All either one has to do is look out the window.

Pretty sure the birthday wasn’t mentioned to anyone because she was pissed her mom didn’t acknowledge it.

Yea her sex offender half brother texting and threatening her is no big deal. Especially when her own mother is running around town telling everyone she wanted it to happen. No big deal at all.

Well a scene in chapter 24 comes out of nowhere and seems more fitting to a dream sequence than a part of their reality. Not to mention her half brother said he’s coming for her and she’s supposed to be meeting her father to pick up stuff from the house…so I’m like she has time for this random, out of character stuff?

So much for letting him go. I’m doing so much eye rolling, I’m getting dizzy.

Nice. Cheating and anti-climactic, but nice.

Yay finished. Last question, why is it called Briarwood Academy if the school has very little to no relevance? Usually the series title has a lot to do with the story, this is not the case and adds to the confusion of the reader if they pick it up expecting something with more school setting.

Published by Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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