#BookReview: Forever Lies by Jill Ramsower 4/5 Stars

I can already tell this is going to be a long one.

The first whole page is dedicated to the MFC complaining about Mondays. I get it, everybody hates Mondays, but you know what? If Monday didn’t exist, Tuesday would be the knew Monday. Hating the day just because of where it falls is stupid. My aunt loves Monday, but hates Thursday. Why? Because her work week starts on Thursday, it is her Monday.

Then there’s the complaining about the pervy boss…either quit or stand up for yourself. Oh, but the MFC doesn’t want to quit and spoil her chances of her getting her dream job! Then STAND UP! The boss pulls her close to him by the waist and his hand drifts down to cup her ass, but she just stands there because she doesn’t want to make a scene. Make a damn scene! Do that once or twice and the asshole will eventually stop or HR will have to step in. Just because making a scene in the office is embarrassing doesn’t mean it won’t work. Others might come out and stand with her if she did, because she can’t be the only one in the office he was hitting on.

Why would the boss need to take a week long business trip to LA for a project based in the company’s own city?

Oh, look at that, 3 or 4 pages in we learn she has daddy issues. She can’t stand up to the boss because she’s a people pleaser, specifically older males in authority. Say what you want about Freud being a fraud, but he got some things right in my opinion.

Do elevators get stuck often enough to be considered a non-emergency. Or do I just think it would be an emergency because I don’t like elevators and, to me, being stuck in one would be cause for alarm?

And here we see the double standard, ugly guy hits on MFC and it’s harassment. Hot guy, who is probably the MMC, hits on her and it’s sexy or romantic.

And he has mommy issues. How cute. (Large eye roll)

With the entrance of the possible 2nd love interest, I ask why is the third person in a love triangle always a guy? Like why not another girl trying to get the attention of the MMC or even interested in the MFC? Does it always have to be a safe boring guy with no hope of winning? Or am I just reading the wrong books? After Read: So this side character could have been used more or the information he gave could have been delivered by someone else.

Never understood why being trapped in a tiny car, high up in the air is supposed to be romantic. I hate heights, makes me physically sick, but ferris wheels are so cliché, they seem to be standard for falling in love.

How can you be Italian and not know any Italian? I thought that was a given, no matter how many generations removed your family is from the homeland.

For a guy trying to find certain information, he ain’t doing a very good job. After Read: The information just fell into his lap. Whatever the MMC’s job in the mafia is, based on the evidence in this book, he sucks at it.

Props for having a birth control/std convo before doing the deed.

Red flag number 2 will be more ignored than red flag number 1.

Yea, MFC went to HR to file a complaint, but they were out of the office so nothing’s going to happen. Because she left the building without waiting, meaning she’s either not going to go back or she will forget about the sexual harassment charge until it happens again.

Actually a lot of studies have shown men fall in love/get attached faster than women.

First 2 paragraphs of Chapter 19 read like they were written by Lemony Snicket. The narrator says a word then goes over the definition in excruciating detail with different scenarios to match. Weirdly placed here.

If it was meant to be a surprise that her dad was a crime lord, the author failed. Again it’s almost another cliché. Any time I read a mafia book where the woman doesn’t realize the mafia still exists, it turns out her dad was either in the family or is the head of a family. Somehow I think there would have been signs growing up, no matter how careful he was, but the girl has to be either incredibly stupid or naïve to have not realized it.

Well that went better than I thought it would. Still could have been better though.

Published by Courtney M. Wendleton

I'm an author with an associate's in psychology. Interested in a lot of different things, and love controversy. The more controversial the better, but that's not all I'm interested in. Can be a bit confusing at times, but that's normal!

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