Short Excerpt of Innocence

“The seven levels are where you crawled out of. I’ll see you tomorrow Professor.” I turned to walk out, but he grabbed my hand before I could open the office door.

“You will see me tonight. We still need to talk.” His mood suddenly changed from playful to dark and almost sinister.

I looked at him questioningly, “sure. Later.” He kissed my hand, I tugged it away and left.





“Looks like your guy isn’t coming tonight.” Kevin said as my shift ended. “Who was he anyway? He seemed more interested in you to just be a guy who you met on the airplane.”

“Honestly I just met him on the plane. He must be busy tonight or something.” I said clearing my last table for the night. Maybe he saw my point and thought I was right. “I’ll see you guys back at the house.” I put the dishes in the kitchen and started my walk home. 

Once I was out of sight of the bar, someone started walking next to me. “Good evening Alexa-Jordyn. I thought it would be better if I didn’t show tonight as I saw your cousin Mary working tonight.” I looked over at him and J.P. was really trying to hide whom he was, wearing a long black trench coat and an awesome looking fedora. The fedora was black with a black and grey diagonally striped band around the bottom rim and a silver Gothic cross laying on top of the band.


Excerpt of Touchdown Interruption

           That night I tried to sleep but could not stop thinking about Xavier and what my friend thought I should do. I got up, and went to the kitchen for a cup of warm apple cider and chocolate covered raisins. Maybe they will help me sleep. I hadn’t been in there five minutes when I started to hear Xavier coming down the hall. When he entered the kitchen in his pajama bottoms, and bed head I couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked so sexy standing there rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What are you doing up?”

            “Fox and Scully kept whimpering at the window. I don’t know if they saw something or what, but they wouldn’t stop crying.”

            “That sucks. Are they still in there? Would you like a cup of cider?”

            “Sure. Yea they wouldn’t come out here, I wonder if they saw another dog or a cat. What are you doing up?” He asked taking the cup I offered him.

            “I just couldn’t sleep. My brain seems to be in over drive tonight.”

CRASH! “What was that?” Xavier asked setting his cup on the counter and rushing towards the master bedroom where we heard the sound of breaking glass come from.

            As we ran down the hallway, Fox and Scully joined us growling and barking trying to get ahead of us and see what happened. Once in my dad’s room we found the patio door had been smashed in with a brick thrown through it. “Well this is nice. My dad is going to go crazy. Who the hell would throw a brick through a glass door?”

            “I don’t know, surprisingly there isn’t a note. Have you made anyone mad recently?” He asked as he carefully examined the brick.

            “Not really…Miranda, but that’s been awhile if she wanted revenge she would of done it by now and not with a brick through the window. She would go straight for me or you since I humiliated her in front of you.”

            “Oh that sounds like fun. You sure it wasn’t her?”

            “Positive, her ways are different and more personal. I would say pissed off fan, but usually they don’t attack the house personally.” The dogs perked up their ears and headed towards the living room.

            “What the hell?” We got up and followed them. “Ever get the feeling someone is in the house?”

            “Not usually, but now I do. Stay here, I’ll look around.” He said going to the kitchen and coming out with the baseball bat we have hidden behind the fridge for these instances.

            After searching the whole house and not finding anyone or anything, he decided to go to bed. “I know it’s just nerves, but I’m going to sleep in John’s room. He has it booby-trapped against intruders…aka me. It is the safest room in the house.”

            “Aside from my room.” He said with a little smirk trying to ease the tension.

            “Is that an offer? Because if it comes with a kiss I think you lose.”

            “Oh no, it is an offer but no kiss from me. If you wish to stay and kiss me you are more than welcome.”

            “After what happened, and as tempting as it does not sound…I think I will pass. If you do happen to find anything knock on the door.” I carefully walked around the strings and traps, to get to my brother’s bed and soon fell asleep from exhaustion.

            The next morning, I went back to my room to find my phone. I found a text message from an unknown number on it. Once I read it I ran into Xavier’s bedroom, “Xavier we have a problem!”

            Groggily sitting up, “What’s wrong? Another broken window?”

            “No worse, there is someone in the house!”

            Waking up more, “What do you mean there is someone in the house? The dogs haven’t sounded an alarm and I searched the whole house last night. Come here and sit down.” He patted the edge of the bed.

            Ignoring his gesture I started to pace around the room, “I know and that’s why I’m even more worried. After last night I was put to ease knowing that you searched the house, but now I-I am not sure we looked everywhere.”

            Standing up, grabbing my shoulders and forcing me to sit down on the bed, “Did you see someone in the house? Why are you so sure that there is someone here?” I handed him my phone and he read it aloud, “You shouldn’t throw bricks at glass houses Jezebel. You are right, someone is in the house and will strike when the time is right…until then, sleep with one eye open.”  He sat there rereading it to himself trying to make sense of it, “Ok…so there might be someone in the house.  Who sent this?”

            “I don’t know it is an unknown number. You can call it, if they are in the house the phone would ring…right?”

            He tried to call the number, but it was blocked. “It would if the number wasn’t a dead end.”

            Looking up at him as he stood in front of me, “What do we do now?” I looked pleadingly into his beautiful eyes.

            He knelt down and took my small hands in his big strong ones, “First I want you to take Fox and Scully for a long walk, don’t come back until I call you. While you are gone I will search the house again, more thoroughly.  Then go from there ok. I’m sure someone is just messing with us for some stupid reason.” Then he gently kissed my hands, “It will be ok. Now go, dress quickly and rest your mind. Once I am sure no one is here I will call you home.”

            Still shaken up I replied, “Ok. I’m sorry this is happening.” I got up and headed for the door.

            “Hey it’s not your fault. Whoever is doing this is sick and twisted. If they are here I will find them and kick them out. If not then we will barricade the windows, lock all the doors to make sure they don’t get in. You will finish your work and we will get the hell out of here.”

            “We can’t leave, not with a psycho on the loose, what if they go after the maid and accountant?” Or worse what if they are after Xavier? It could be a crazed fan like he thinks, but not one after my dad, one after him. Then why would I get a text? To the untrained eye, it would seem like we are together so they could be after me because they want to be with him…meaning it would be a girl doing this…or a guy. Either way it is not a good sign. I turned to leave and get dressed.  As I entered my room, I found a note on my dresser. “Xavier!”

            He comes running down the hall, “What?”

            “More proof for you.” I handed him the note that read, “Is it wise to leave the little man alone?”

            “Ok, I now believe that there is someone in the house. Jez, I want you and the dogs out now don’t comeback until I call you.” He pushed me out the door as he handed me the leashes and then whistled for the dogs.

             I put the leashes on and started walking towards the local Starbucks, just two blocks down. The farther I got from the house the more worried I got, and felt bad about leaving him alone. Once I got to Starbucks, made my order and left twenty minutes had passed by and I looked at my phone but no calls yet. Getting more worried, I steered the dogs in the opposite direction of the house and continued walking. We walked for another twenty minutes when my phone finally rang, but it wasn’t a call, it was a text message from the unknown number: “Better get home to the little boyfriend before he dies…” Shit! I quickly turned the dogs around and started running the half mile back home.

                Once at the front door, I took the leashes off of Scully and Fox and opened the door. I let them go inside first to sniff out anything or anyone that shouldn’t be in there. Cautiously stepping into the house I hollered, “Xavier! Are you in here?” No response, SHIT!I kept going further in, looking around but nothing seemed to be out of place. “Xavier! Answer me!” Scully came out of the hallway and barked at me, then looked back and whimpered. I looked down the hall and my jaw dropped at what I saw.Image

First Actual Blog…Random thoughts=Nervous

So…I’ve never actually done a blog before. I’ve always shied away from writing them because I think I don’t have anything interesting to say or nobody would care about the topic I chose to write about. Then I started thinking who cares if no one else cares? I got my thoughts and/or opinions out there maybe people read it, maybe they don’t. It’s not going to affect me terribly if people on the internet think I’m an idiot or something. 

I get to share what I want, when I want and how I want. Be prepared for weird and very random things. Yes, there will be book reviews, book promotions and general book-iness but there will also be random things such as this post. 

Have a nice day!

Abra Rhea

Innocence 2.0

Innocence 2.0

Nook Users, Like the paranormal, myths and legends? Adventures to Ireland and beyond? Try the first book in a new series Innocence! Alexa-Jordyn is bored with her small town life, and decides to spice it up a bit. Spending her senior year in a foreign country she meets a boy and falls in love. Before her 18th birthday her world starts to spiral beyond her imagination. She learns that people are not always what they seem to be and by the end, she may not be who she thought she really was.



Like the paranormal, myths and legends? Adventures to Ireland and beyond? Try the first book in a new series Innocence! Alexa-Jordyn is bored with her small town life, and decides to spice it up a bit. Spending her senior year in a foreign country she meets a boy and falls in love. Before her 18th birthday her world starts to spiral beyond her imagination. She learns that people are not always what they seem to be and by the end, she may not be who she thought she really was.