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Am I the only person who has an issue with the word “followers?” Am I over thinking the term? When I hear or see the word I automatically think of religions, and the occult.

I am far from someone that should be worshipped or mindlessly followed, so why should those who choose to read my writing be called followers? Y’all are awesome and as humans we have a tendency to label things. Everything has to have a name, and if it doesn’t we come up with one.

The question is who chooses the term?  Who decided that we should be followers? I understand it is a general term worldwide, but why not come up with a different, better term to use? I know celebrities come up with their own cute names for their fans, so what is the difference?

Any ideas or suggestions? Personally, because I am odd mainly, I love the idea of calling my followers Squishies. I take the term from Finding Nemo, when Dory named a jellyfish. Its better than being called Georges, from Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck (I think…memory is fried this early in the morning. 230 am).

You be Beethoven and I’ll be Bach,
Abra Rhea

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

I have read the book years ago and am rereading it as it I one of my favorites. I’m not completely through the book yet, but wanted to weigh in about the family first. The whole family is nuts.

First let’s talk about the family as a whole, they are perfect. A perfect family does not exist! I understand it is fictional and years ago but come on, as far as making it believable it is farfetched. They look and act perfect, I can see why bad things start happening to them.

The mother is completely useless. Yes, she takes care of her children but only until her husband dies. She falls apart and starts falling back on her parents because she doesn’t believe in herself a and her capabilities to care for them. From what is mentioned in the book, she starts relying on Cathy and neighbors to care for the children while she writes letters and walks around in nightgowns.

Cathy is selfish, jealous and childish. I understand she is a child of 12 but are we really that naive at that age? She was jealous of sharing her father with her own mother. On what planet is that normal?  By the time I was 12 I had been to 3 funerals for great-grandparents and grandparent. I know that not everyone has been that unfortunate but to not to grasp death at that age is ridiculous. Believing wholeheartedly that no one can die unless they are old is so blissfully stupid.

So far the book is good, I am just ranting about how perfectly crazy the family seems to be. Talk about overkill on the husband too by the way. V.C. wanted to make sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that the man was dead.

You be Beethoven, and I’ll be Bach.
Abra Rhea

How is it possible?

How is it possible to have writer’s block for two books but be able to sit here and type up a post in now time at all? I’m sitting here with tons of research for one book, near and dear to me but can’t write a single word; when in reality it should be the book that writes itself. I also have sequel to Innocence staring at me but again no words come.

How can I write a little post to a blog but not work on my books? Maybe I’m not even writing something coherent or worthwhile in this post and just babbling about my writer’s block . How hard should it be to write? The story unfolds so naturally at times that I can’t write it down fast enough, other times it trickles out like a small leak but it still comes to me.

Now I am at a stand still, and it is driving me insane! On the upside I have been reading more, but that doesn’t compensate for being unable to write.  I know at some point the block will slip and I will be fine, but I don’t like to be idle when there’s work to be done.

Back to my isolation chamber listening to Meatloaf, and other great classics.

You be Beethoven and I’ll be Bach,
Abra Rhea

What you don’t see

Fear No Weebles

The other day I was minding my own business, waiting on a subway platform. Three girls, about 15 years old, were about to pass me, and they were looking my way. One of them pointed at me and said, “You’re FUNNY looking!” She and her compatriots roared with laughter because this was the most hilarious thing ever.

Fortunately for them I was caught off guard and I didn’t react. If I had, their delightfully charred remains would have been scattered across the third rail. Alas, I hadn’t expected to be zinged by a trio of idiot adolescents, so I was unprepared. I just stood there, speechless and confused.

I confess, I do not have a thick skin. What can I say, I might be foul mouthed and full of piss and vinegar, but I’m also a dainty little blossom. (Fuck you, stop laughing.)

And because I’m a delicate flower…

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South Park

I love South Park as much as the next person, but isn’t there a breaking point where you can’t watch any more reruns for awhile? My family loves SP and DVR’s every episode, new and old. Then watches at least ten episodes a day, twice a day.

Yes, we watch other things but they do the same thing with the other shows. How can a person do this? I admit that I do this with other shows, but the other shows I watch, but those shows have at least some type of message or more intellectual than SP.

Have a nice day!
Abra Rhea