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Ok it is official…I suck as a blogger and I am sorry but I’m I’m going to keep going! Yay!


I have updated my website,!book-tasting/c7tc. It now has little excerpts from my two published works, Innocence and Touchdown Interruption, as well as a work in progress, The Price of War. So go check it out, or not, and have fun!


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The following pictures are from my front porch. The clouds are parting on the side the storm is coming FROM and building where it is going TO. Here is the kicker, Iselle hasn’t even fully hit yet. I don’t think my house is going to get anything but a little wind and rain.







Hurricane Iselle

Thought I would pop in and say, so far everything is fine. Iselle is coming but not until late tonight. My only issue at the moment is humidity, and I don’t so well with humidity. Tend to break out in hives! Will try to update later, but may lose electricity. Stay inside and y’all enjoy the air conditioning I don’t have 😦 lol

You be Beethoven and I’ll be Bach,

Book Review: Vampire University (Book 1)


Overview: Taylor is starting her freshman year at university of course she is nervous. Her bubbly roommate Hannah is out going and very forward, unlike Taylor, but become fast friends from the moment they meet. While attending a “Welcome Dinner” the girls meet twins Eric and Joseph. Eric is the typical bad boy instantly enthralled by Taylor, and Joseph is dark, brooding and kind of scary. Despite warnings to stay away from Eric, Taylor goes on a date with him that ends in her and the Resident Adviser being taken hostage at knife point. From then on Taylor’s world is flipped upside down and she is not sure what to believe any more.


Opinion: Awesome! The characters are so relate-able and the incidents are quite plausible. Everything that happened could happen…of course that would be if the creatures were real. Fast paced, I read it in just a few hours and kept trying to read more not wanting the book to be finished.


Recommendation: Yes!

Book Review: Saving Angel 2/5 Stars Or Obsidian knock off


I hate being the bad guy, but in this case I’m going to be. In general the book Obsidian (yesterday’s review) and this one, are different books. However reading them you will find that the only thing different is that one is about aliens and the other is about half-demons. First few chapters read almost identical to each other. Male characters resemble each other. Well known sayings were not used right. Example: Victoria Secret’s model (admittedly that could be chalked up to editorial oversight), went to douche in zero to sixty seconds. They even end the same! The guy changes the girl in a way that no one is quite sure about, making him want her more and she becomes the stand-off ish one. I have made a little chart to help prove my point. Saving Angel had enough of it’s own differences to make it a different story but at the same it reads like the author just copied Obsidian and then made a few changes.


  Obsidian Saving Angel Side Note
Main Character “Nerdy” Girl lost her father moves out of state “Nerdy” Girl lost her father moves out of state Cute little nicknames given by Jerk
Best Friend Bubbly girl next door Bubbly girl next door  
Love Interest Jerk, best friend’s Brother Jerk, best friend’s cousin Both have bitchy ex-girlfriend’s that still cling to them
Town Small, rural, middle of nowhere, people avoid her Small, rural, middle of nowhere, people avoid her  
Accident Attacked by a bear Attacked by a “dog”  
Parents Dead or never around Dead or never around Both MC’s moms, too eager to get their daughter a boyfriend
Secret place Spot in the woods Spot in the woods  
Diners Quaint little hole hole in the wall Quaint little hole in the wall  
Warnings Instantly warned to stay away Instantly warned to stay away  
Friends Become friends with two girls from one class Become friends with two girls from one class  
Big Bad DOD and Arum Hell and Hunters  

Book Review: Obsidian 5/5 Stars


Overview: Normal girl, Katy, moves from Florida to West Virgina for a new start. Her new town is small and weird, everyone in town seems to hate her just for moving in. That is except for her bubbly next door neighbor Dee. The two strike up a friendship against her twin brother, Daemon’s, wishes. Then weird things start happening; Daemon starts being nice to her, they get attacked by a bear and she gets attacked by crazy guy. In both cases there is a bright blinding light out of know where quickly followed by an electrical storm. In a last ditch effort to get Katy to stay away from Dee, Daemon takes her out to a special spot in the woods and acts like the biggest jerk. Holding back tears, she runs through the woods to go home. She puts one step on the road, and feet from her is a truck barreling forward. With no time for him to stop or her to move, she knows she is going to be pancaked. Then she isn’t. Time seemed to stand still as she looked around, the truck and driver weren’t moving but the engine was still roaring from his foot on the gas pedal. Daemon was at the edge of the woods glowing like a fireball. Life has changed forever.

Opinion: HOLY COW! First aliens normally are not my thing and admittedly, I get a lot of books based on name and cover (I know I shouldn’t but I do). So I didn’t realize this book was about aliens…but I am so glad I picked it up! The story line is amazing and it is well written. It is first in a series, and I am so glad because it is amazing! So much tension and danger everywhere, I was on my toes all night unable to put it down. It reminds me of a TV series from the 90’s called Roswell. If you haven’t checked out either this book or the TV series, do so. Even if you are not into aliens normally you will love them!

Recommendation: YES!