Songs with Hidden Meanings?

OK, I have only heard three of the eight songs on this list and question what type of person got rape out of two of them. The first one, “Blurred Lines” made big headlines when it came out because of it’s content. It really does nothing to hide what it is trying to say, but the singer also said that it isn’t a song about rape. The lyrics say otherwise.

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a nice Christmas/Winter song, but I do not see rape in it’s lyrics. I do see a guy trying to get the girl to stay at the house a bit longer, have a drink, but that does not mean the man is going to rape her. Seriously I think some people just read what they want to into the lyrics. The same goes for the last song on the list, “Summer Nights” from “Grease.”

“Summer Nights” shows both sides of the story, Sandy talks about the sweet, romantic side of Danny and speaks of what actually happened. Danny, is talking with his buddies and to save face in front of them he embellishes so he doesn’t look bad. If you look at the context of the lyrics, he is not implying rape. He is implying that something happened, but rape is not part of the deal.

I’m not trying to make lite of rape or anything, because we all know it is wrong, but seriously don’t over complicate song lyrics.



I have loved Madonna since I first seen her in the movie “Evita.” (If you haven’t checked it out, please do.) So naturally her music is awesome. She has done some questionable songs, one actually made the list (“Hanky Panky”) but these are still pretty good…even if you didn’t know they existed until you read the article.

Childhood Nightmares

As a kid the world is creepy. Every little sound you hear in the dark is a monster mashing their teeth or witch filing her nails. My nightmares consisted of tv villians I watched from movies like “Child’s Play” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.” However I also was plagued by ghosts. I wholeheartedly believe in them and as a child would see them or be aware of their presence all the time.

When I was around nine or ten, my mom had to go to work early in the morning and would leave me and her boyfriend’s 2 boys at his mother’s before school. The oldest boy and I would usually stay awake and talk because we didn’t want to hear what was going on in the basement. There was no one down there or near the stairs, but we always heard talking, and people running up and down the stairs. They would pick up fire pokers and roll them from one side of the basement to the next. If we told my mom or her boyfriend they would just laugh it off or ignore us…but neither seemed keen on going down there in the dark.,manual

New Year’s Preporation

In preparing for the new year, and my resolution goals, I decided to update my “to-read” list on . I don’t usually add my amazon purchases to that list simply because there are a lot of them and I continue to buy more throughout the year. However I have decided this year I’m going to try and put a dent in the list that happens to be 1,974 books long.  I will admit that number is a bit inaccurate because there are a couple of series and collections that I purchased that was counted as one book.

As well as participating in the good reads reading challenge this year, I will also be doing the 2015 TBR Pile challenge ( ) . I’m going for the 41-50 level, but hoping to achieve that and more! Here is my list of books to help inspire others and if there is a special book you think I should read, please leave it in the comments and I will try to look into it.

Book Review: The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals 6/5 stars!

Overview: Perri is a regular girl heading off to her first year of college with her best friend and her friend’s brother. The weather is horrible and Perri starts seeing things that couldn’t possibly be there. After their blazer crashes into a flooded river, she and her friend’s brother are thrust into  a land of imagination come to life by sheer will. The two go on a pilgrimage to find the land’s prince and discover what being awkward is truly about and why it is much better to be awkward than perfect.

Opinion: Have you ever been bullied because you were different? Ever wished that you were perfect? People can be cruel and pick on those that are different, making others feel awkward about themselves when they shouldn’t. I feel that this book is so perfect for the world that it should be everywhere. The message is that it IS OK to be yourself. It IS OK to have glasses, be short, big, tall, thin; just be who YOU are and the right people will accept you.

With all if the bullying in school and tragic suicides as a result of bullying, I believe this book could do wonders to help put an end to it.

Recommend: Yes!