New Year’s Resolution

Hope ya’ll had great holidays and if you are still celebrating or have more coming: Enjoy!

Well, it’s that time of year again where we make goals to better ourselves in the new year. Somehow, unfortunately, we forget about them and they are never accomplished. So here is my list of goals I intend on completing but most likely will forget in a few months.

1. Blog more. I am aware that I have been a bit skimpy on my posts this year and intend on writing more.

2. Read more. I read 59 books in 2014, but sadly only reviewed a handful. If I read more, I can review more, leading to more posts. At least in theory.

3. Write more. I was able to finish two books this year, with more in the works. I would like to at least finish two more in the coming year.

4. Lose weight. Cliche and on everybody’s list, but I need to.

Short and simple. What’s on your list?


Selfish Promoting on my Birthday!

I am going to be a little selfish for a few minutes….Today is my birthday! Why don’t you go and checkout one of my books?…/…/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Music Remakes- Give a listen and tell me what you think

Ok, I am one of those that usually hate music remakes because there is just something wrong with great songs performed by different artists in different ways. Here lately I have found myself changing my opinion due to the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy. The musical episode aside (though if you haven’t checked it out you really should), they have great versions of beloved songs. First on the list is “Man in the Mirror” origianlly by the King of Pop, but the newer version by J2 featuring Cameron the Public is awesome! Then “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Jill Andrews, is just beautiful.

Of course this does not mean that every song should be redone, and I am usually an advocate for songs by Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley need to be left alone, but I think that hearing a GOOD different take on some songs can have some merit. For instance I do not care for Lady Gaga, but find her songs better when Glee or anyone really, redoes them. Some songs that shouldn’t be messed with can be revived by others only if they do justice to the original, in my opinion.

Book Review: “The Giver” 5/5 Stars

Overview: In a world where everyone and everything is the same, Jonas is selected to be The Receiver. A prominent and important member of society, he is chosen to receive memories of past generations. He received feelings, colors and gains wisdom at a mere age of 12.

Opinion: A wonderful book. It is amazing to read about everyday things we take for granted and see them in a new light through Jonas, who experiences everything for the first time. I can only imagine it as being blind from birth and finally being able to see.

Recommend: Yes.

Location of book: I found on Amazon and am unable to provide a link as it is storming and has knocked out my internet.

Book Review: “Banshee’s Embrace” 5/5 stars

Overview: Jacqueline is coming home to her husband after a long day of work, to find a bit of odd weather brewing there. Once home she is attacked and her husband killed while she almost dies herself. A year later weirder things are still happening but now she knows she is being hunted and the bartender does more than serve drinks.

Opinion: Awesome! I first just checked it out to see any similarities in Banshee powers, but soon forgot about that as I was sucked into the story. The characters are well written and the plot is well executed. I can’t wait to read the other two in the series.

Location of Book:

Recommend: Yes