#FamilyLegacy Short-Story Chapter 4

I see the hill that starts Highway 13, through the middle of town. I’m less than a mile from home, a feeling of relief passes through my entire body as I flip my turn signal to the right and gently tap the break for my turn. I don’t see the car that rams into meContinue reading “#FamilyLegacy Short-Story Chapter 4”

#FamilyLegacy Short-Story Chapter 2

We sit in perfect silence for a bit. The judgy brunette from earlier, dragged her husband back down the aisle and left. I guess their family time requirement is done for the year. The late summer air breezes around us, setting off a light shiver through my body. “I hope you’re warm enough Mom, it’sContinue reading “#FamilyLegacy Short-Story Chapter 2”

Writing Prompt #2

Writing Prompt: Grandpa part 1 Great-grandpa Searcy The first memory I have of my great-grandfather really isn’t  memory at all. I have been told this story a million times, so much I can “remember” it happening. I was one, shiny cloudless blue Missouri sky. It was summer, so around June or July. My great-grandfather, aContinue reading “Writing Prompt #2”