#FindingSanta Audiobook

Finding Santa is now an Audiobook! I never thought I would do this book in any form other than ebook, mainly because it is so short. However a friend of mine requested this one specifically and I decided to make it for him. What if Santa Claus wasn’t a man but a title that wasContinue reading “#FindingSanta Audiobook”

#AAR is Now An #Audiobook

An Author’s Romance is about J essabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the night before. Along with her sister, she takes her free trip to Scotland and end up in 1501 Scotland. Not the exact trip she hadContinue reading “#AAR is Now An #Audiobook”

#Audiobook is #Live!

A Ninja in Time has gone live! Yes it has been a few days since it actually went live, but that’s because I’ve not been working on my computer, but my tablet and phone. The screens are too small or my brain just doesn’t compute new information on anything but the computer. I’m weird. Upside:Continue reading “#Audiobook is #Live!”