#Book #Anniversary: Revealed (Legend Series Bk 2)

Seven years later and I have yet to finish the third installment of the Legend Series. Revealed, itself, took a while because I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go and now I’m not sure how to wrap up the twins’ story. Description: Alexa-Jordyn just found out she is a Bean Sidhee, but whatContinue reading “#Book #Anniversary: Revealed (Legend Series Bk 2)”

#Book #Anniversary: Innocence (Legend Series Bk 1)

Innocence was a fun one to write as I got to dig into my Irish roots and learn some folklore. This marks its 7th birthday! Description: Alexa-Jordyn is bored with her small town life, and decides to spice it up a bit. Spending her senior year in a foreign country she meets a boy andContinue reading “#Book #Anniversary: Innocence (Legend Series Bk 1)”