#BookReview: The Last Orphans Book 1 by N.W. Harris 5/5 Stars

Overview: Shane is on his way home from his grandma’s funeral with his aunt when the world goes crazy. Animals start attacking his aunt for no reason. As he tries to get his aunt to safety, his crush comes to him with her little sister frantic. Her family cows attacked their parents, stomped them dead. Soon the trio find that everywhere adults are being mutilated by animals (domestic and wild) or turning on each other in big cities with low animal populations. Picking up a few more teenagers, and a bus load of elementary aged kids, they head south towards Atlanta looking for help at a military base. They find help, but not the kind they want. Tasked with a new mission to save the children of the world Shane and his friends must go deeper into the city, risk their lives to turn off the machine that started the craziness or kill each other.
Opinion: Awesome! It seems slow in parts, but definitely worth trucking through. Without giving too much away, there is a conspiracy theory out that resonates so much with this book it is scary to think that it might happen. If you like TWD or other action packed apocalypse movies/books you have to read it. There were a few plot holes but nothing too big, and the ending throws you for a loop. I can’t wait to read more!
Recommend: YES!

#Book Review: Falling Angels by Jen Winters 4/5 Stars

Overview: The Devine made machines to create the world. The machine Lucifer started a fight, forcing the others to choose, him or them. Ambrose is a fallen angel, he didn’t choose either side but wanted only to do his job. This caused him, and others with the same opinion, to become scattered throughout time and space. Once landed somewhere they were forbidden to leave, forced to live their days cut off from everyone. Yuruch is a machine that chose Lucifer, but soon regretted it and made a deal with Ambrose in 9017 BCE, Earth. The deal was protection for nourishment, Ambrose fed him energy and Yuruch would keep other demons away. Through the ages, the pact was fine and the two worked together shaping the world. Present-day Yuruch went off the deep end and blew up Fort Worth. Ambrose is dragged to Texas by his sense of duty and some friends, to find and stop him from more damage.

Opinion: Great. I’m not usually one for this type of reading, but the way the myths and religion is recreated is very crafty and inside the box (Doctor Who reference) thinking. To find angels and demons working side by side to shape the world is interesting as they find common ground and deeds that are in the middle of their opposite spectrums. We bounce back and forth between the past and present learning more about what the two had done together, or how Ambrose arrived to his life today, and find out why each is so fond of the other and how their characters react to the same situations.  The whole concept is intriguing and pulls you in from the first sentence.
Recommend: Yes

#Book Review: Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto 3/5 Stars

Overview: Sara Barnes is a shy and quiet med student worrying over her semester exams when she starts having weird dreams. One involves her being dressed in a cheerleading outfit and falling for the basketball point guard. The others are darker, involving a familiar older man killing girls and dropping them off in a ditch. Deciding she needs to cut loose one night, she goes out to a club with her roommate. Where she finds the boy she dreamed about when she was dressed as a cheerleader. It was love at first sight, and dread as she realized her dress weren’t her own. He dreamed of her and she came to him through the dream. Her worst fear was now about the man killing girls. Her roommate and new boyfriend now search for the killer and a reason as to why she knows him.

Opinion: The three stars actually equate to 2.5, three is just the official number I’m posting on Goodreads. It took the first 35-40% of the book for me to get into it because it was confusing and jumped around a lot. It jumps around all the way through but I guess I became accustomed to it by then. The storyline was good, I just think it was executed poorly. Minor spoiler alert: we never really understand why she is having the dreams. The author attempts to describe it, but it is not stated definitively. The characters just speculate and the idea they come up with is flimsy at best without backup.

Recommend: Maybe…leaning towards no.

#Book Review: Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau 4/5 Stars

Overview: Malencia Vale is tasked by the president of The United Commonwealth to take down those responsible for The Testing, that kills many college applicants annually. Between her studies, security officials after her and the impending rebellion she takes up the quest. Enlisting her boyfriend and a select few of trustworthy friends, they set the plan in motion when an accidental bomb goes off in Cia’s room. As her body count rises, doubts are planted in her head that what she is doing may be wrong and she is just another pawn in the political testing system. Ready to give up, her life is put in danger but saved by one she was supposed to kill. Though her plan goes wrong, the ones marked for death are murdered and she is free to return home as an unhappy student.

Opinion: Good, very good. But the big twist at the end was a bit predictable about half way through, though throughout the series it is hinted at as CIA doesn’t follow her father’s instructions. It lacked a bit in the suspense department, I kept picturing more things going wrong or being betrayed by different people because it seemed to be missing something, something more realistic. Overall, I find it a fitting end and open for more additions to the trilogy.

Recommend: Yes

#Book Review: The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong 4/5 Stars

Overview: Chloe Saunders is a normal fifteen year old girl. She goes to a special art school and lives in an apartment with a housekeeper while her father is away on business. Then one day she starts seeing things, unexplainable things no one else could see. A boy jumps into traffic, and at school she is hunted by a janitor whose face had been melted. Yep Chloe can see ghosts, and her aunt, school and father ship her off to a youth mental facility to be treated for schizophrenia. While there, she meets more kids similar to her and finds out she is special. Becoming threatened with an ominous transfer, she and friends decide to make a break for it, and are betrayed by Chloe’s aunt. With no help in sight and separated from her friends she calls upon a ghost friend to get out.

Opinion: The Summoning is great and engaging. Chloe already feels isolated as her mother has passed and her father is away all the time, plus she is a teenage girl who has yet to enter…womanhood, but now she has to worry about a mental disorder tainting her reputation. Then the ultimate betrayal that no one sees coming? (Well a little predictable but still out there.) It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. It is also a very quick read because you don’t want to put it down.

Recommend: Yes

#Book Review: Fear of Flying by Erica Jong 3/5 Stars

Overview: Isadora Wing is a (nonpracticing) Jewish woman, married for the second time and feeling trapped. Her husband pushes her to psychotherapists whenever a fight rises between the two. She can never find true happiness and wants to be free. On a trip to Vienna, which she hates, she falls hard for a man who takes her on and adventure to find herself and her freedom.

Opinion: Is there really so much guilt in Jewish religion? I’d say a good chunk of the book is spent whining about how much Isadora hates Germany, and being paranoid of them finding out she is German. She even goes as far as to put “Unitarian” on her passport. Though I don’t think it matters as she and her family do not practice any religion, are just Jewish by way of ancestors. Maybe it’s just because it was written in the 70’s and people were still paranoid.

During the hating of Germans, we find that she is sexually frustrated and for another good chunk of the book, that seems to be the main reason she feels trapped. But then she contradicts herself and is afraid of losing her emotionless husband.  It’s not until the end of the book that Isadora has a revelation of sorts and starts to become her own person.

Until the end, you don’t realize the book is about learning to get out of your own head, and live life not worrying about what comes next. Isadora travels all over Europe (though she hates traveling) with a guy she doesn’t know to figure out that worrying is pointless. Trying to find everlasting happiness in someone else is worthless if you don’t know your true self. She is chasing a dream that cannot be fulfilled, because she doesn’t truly know what she wants; instead she jumps from one guy to the next that are total opposites thinking she will find the answer.

Isadora is a spoiled woman who doesn’t realize everything she has until she spends weeks camping and driving around with a jerk and reminiscing about the past. Then after her revelations, she still doesn’t know what she wants or if she will reconcile with her husband.

I really wanted to like this book because it is one of my grandma’s favorites but I can’t. At the same time I do like it because I can see a bit of myself in the main character. Maybe that is also why I can’t love it, because I hate myself about as much as Isadora hates herself. I don’t have the guts to go off and do what she did, but I also don’t see the point of gallivanting around Europe just to learn something if know for years. I view it as a wasted trip as there was more drinking and driving then sightseeing and learning.

Recommend: Not sure.

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Description: Amily Trisdent is 17, looking forward to graduation but has a problem. Her whole family are wolves…except her. For some reason she has not been able to shift, but she has all the other abilities of a werewolf. Her senses are superior to Morts, but that’s it. Then one day everything changes. She is not a member of the pack, she faces problems with the pack leader, and new rogues come to town to throw their own chaos to the mix. Amily is not sure if she can handle everything she has to do.

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