Book Review: Torchwood: Into the Silence 4/5 Stars

Overview: Torchwood team, recently cut down to only 3 members, investigate gruesome murders of wonderful singers; where the voice box and larynx have been removed. Finding the culprit to be an inhabitant of The Silent Planet, they intend to use Ianto as bait but the plan is foiled by a young autistic boy with aContinue reading “Book Review: Torchwood: Into the Silence 4/5 Stars”

Book Review: “The Lost Book of Chaos: How to Divide the World (The Secret Wars of Angels 1)

Overview: Judas the Betrayer, is on the run after betraying his master. The whole world is hunting him down and just when he seems to be catching a break he is taken by an angel to a flying ship to be recruited as a messenger of Chaos. We follow his training and missions, and passContinue reading “Book Review: “The Lost Book of Chaos: How to Divide the World (The Secret Wars of Angels 1)”

Music Helping me Write! AKA Soundtrack for next book!

Just a short list of some of the songs that I have been listening to while writing my next book. These few songs have helped spark not only the “writing bug” but also can really be seen reflected in certain parts of the book. In different areas you can truly feel the music pouring throughContinue reading “Music Helping me Write! AKA Soundtrack for next book!”

Well the first review for “Innocence” is in…and the news is good! 5 stars.

Here is what was said: The author describes each scenario vividly, that readers will feel as if they are really there. It’s a fast paced, well-written book. You get to care about the characters, and what happens next. (SPOILER ALERT) The story follows the life of Alexa, who seems to be an ordinary girl, butContinue reading “Well the first review for “Innocence” is in…and the news is good! 5 stars.”

Praise for “Divergent” series

Just finished the second book, Insurgent, and loved it! Veronica Roth is amazing! I can’t wait to see how the movies play out. I’m going to avoid spoilers, in case there are others who have yet to read them, but I will say it can be a bit confusing. She jumps from one spot toContinue reading “Praise for “Divergent” series”

Short Excerpt of Innocence

“The seven levels are where you crawled out of. I’ll see you tomorrow Professor.” I turned to walk out, but he grabbed my hand before I could open the office door. “You will see me tonight. We still need to talk.” His mood suddenly changed from playful to dark and almost sinister. I looked atContinue reading “Short Excerpt of Innocence”

Excerpt of Touchdown Interruption

           That night I tried to sleep but could not stop thinking about Xavier and what my friend thought I should do. I got up, and went to the kitchen for a cup of warm apple cider and chocolate covered raisins. Maybe they will help me sleep. I hadn’t been in there fiveContinue reading “Excerpt of Touchdown Interruption”