#BookReview: When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet

Amazing! Honestly, I have fallen a bit out of love with vampires, but this book has brought the love back. Poor Lexie has a week from hell, from losing two best friends and the love of her life, and now she is prepared to kill and gain a sense of normalness to her life. There is a hint of Buffy in the heroine, but the author manages to eclipse the show and surpass it with ease.

#Book Review: Chosen by Barbara Ellen Brink 2/5 Stars

Overview: Jael lives with her parents in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles outside of town in Nevada. She is 15 and already an expert in many different forms of martial arts. Why? Jael is The Chosen One. Just a few weeks before her 16th birthday, she finds out that she comes from Amish lineage, and she was chosen to be the next Vampire slayer. Jael also learns why they have moved around every couple of months during her childhood, before settling down in Nevada. The Bishop of Loon Lake Amish Community in Minnesota, is a vampire that is out to kill the next slayer before she comes into her powers at 16. Inevitably the Bishop’s men find her, and kid nap her best friend to drawl her out.

Opinion: It sounds like it would be awesome, Buffy meets the Amish. Amish vampires in general would be prime specimens considering they are already extremely strong, vampire strength would be spectacular in them. I was sadly disappointed. The book is entertaining, but almost a complete knock off of Buffy. Buffy is even referenced in the book. I am not an expert on Amish, far from it, but I have lived near a community and interacted enough to know little mannerisms, this book has like no Amish presence at all except for the way the Amish vampires dress. Obviously, Jael and her parents have left the community and don’t have to live the lifestyle but they don’t even act as if they were previously Amish. Which is why it is a big surprise that she comes from an Amish line of slayers. In theory, Buffy vs. Amish Vamps is a great idea it is poorly executed in this book.

Recommend: No