#FindingSanta: First Book Blurb and Cover Reveal

The title of Santa Claus is held by one person for a hundred years, passed down from father to son or son-in-law, before he moves on to become Father Time. Candy is the only child of the current Claus family. Her father is in his last year as Good Ol’ Saint Nick and has to find the next Santa before New Year’s Eve or hell will come to Earth.

With the help of Jessiy and Steelwell, members of the Legends’ Survival Squad, she sets out to find a man worthy of taking over. Along the way she meets three potential candidates but everything goes wrong from the minute she hears of her task.

As the days pass and her prospects look bleak, she begins to doubt herself and the magic of Christmas. Will she be able to restore her faith and save the world?

Release Date: Deceomber 23rd, 2016

#NaNoWriMo Has Ended!

The month of writing hell is done! No I did not complete my novel, but powered through 28,455 words and believe that to be a pretty respectable number…Ok it’s lousy, but I’m proud of getting that much done in one month. It could of been a lot worse. I have a lot more to do on the book, I’m going to put it on the back burner for awhile. I’m burnt out on #TPAV (To Paint a Vampire) for right now, and if I hear the word vampire again for at least it will be way too soon.

To Paint A Vampire

Until then I’m going to work on my other projects. So many to choose from. Saving Santa, is a holiday romance that came to mind.


There is also the third installment to my Legend Series, Shattered, but that involves the “v-word” so I don’t think so.

LoaOG bk 3

Plus the elusive historical novel, The Price of War.

The Price of War

Then the three that I don’t have mock covers for: Haunted House (WT) obviously a ghost story, Dream Walker about a dream jumper, and The Right Place to Write Time (WT) time-traveling story I started recently.

Update, Reminder

First off, my newest novella (The Perfect Murder) is being released on Halloween! It is a satirical/Dark Comedy How To guide to committing the perfect murder told by an inmate of a women’s prison, as recorded by her psychiatrist. Originally it was titled, “The Monologues of a Murder,” but I like #TPM better. If you would like to be reminded so you can pick it up I have an event posted on my Author page

The Perfect Murder

Secondly, make sure to like my page because with the new release I’m randomly selecting five people for a free copy. AND it is the best place for the latest updates on my writing! I know it may seem like I am a flake as I don’t write much on here, but lately I have been posting more on my Author Courtney M. Wendleton page than ever! I even released some information about another new book that might be released in time for Christmas! I also love hearing from everyone, so drop in say hi and have a little chat.

Third, I am still trying to raise money to produce my first audio book. I have raised $100, but am still far from my goal. Every little bit helps, and I can throw in a free copy of one of my books as a donation prize over $10. you can find it at https://www.gofundme.com/fs48u8as Thank you soo much!

Naturally Luna 1

Also I am still open for Author Spotlight Interviews. As well as entries for Sanctuary Edits!


Christmas Horror Movie

I love Horror movies and I love Christmas! Put the two together and it would be epic right? Especially with the ultimate scary tale of Krampus just sitting there begging for a movie.
Krampus is the evil Santa. He takes bad children away and hangs them in a tree to eat them, or sell them into slavery (pick your origin and pick your version).
So we’ve had movies about evil snowmen, serial killers and killer Christmas trees (Doctor Who, not really Horror but seriously killer Christmas Trees!!). I believe Supernatural did an episode about Krampus as well as American Dad. Now we are getting an actual movie!! I just hope that the movie is as good and scary as we deserve after waiting so long.

The trailer looks promising but at the same time not.

#Musical Monday Review #10: White Christmas

Sorry it’s a day late, I’ve been busy and completely forgot. Here it is though.

Overview: 2 army buddies decide to start a singing duo and after a few years, they become big time producers. While auditioning acts for their show, they meet a couple of sisters who have gotten themselves in a bit of a bind with the sheriff. Davis, the more outgoing of the two, decides to help the girls out and gives them the boys’ train tickets to New York, so they can make their next gig in Vermont and get away from the sheriff. Giving them time to make their getaway, the boys dress up and dance the girls’ last number and then literally run onto the train. Having to buy new tickets, Davis talks Wallace into unknowingly follow the girls to Vermont, where they find their beloved old general running an abandoned ski lodge. It might be the middle of winter with Christmas right around the corner, but there’s been no snow since Thanksgiving so business is bad. The boys decide to help out, and bring their whole show down from New York and hold it there. In the beginning there was some attraction between the boys and the sisters, and as time wore on they grew closer, falling for one another in the end. The show is a big hit, it packs in the patrons, and a miracle happens: it begins to snow.

Review: I know its not Christmas, but I love watching Christmas movies out of season. And I’ve always had a thing for Irving Berlin’s deep voice, so of course I’m in love with this musical. It is a bit dry in places but still great. The songs and dancing are so elegant and refined compared to some of the works put out today. The sets can be a bit hokey, like in 7 Brides for 7Brothers, but still beautiful for the time period it was made in. Plus the army has always held a small part of my heart, that’s where my great-grandpa spent WWII. I guess each family picks their favorite branch of the military, but I digress.

In “Choreography,” we get a look at the differences between dance and choreography. It gives us a bit of the contemporary dance and how dance evolved from tap and…show tunes (for lack of the term I cannot think of, maybe it’s Broadway).

I’m not sure if I could say I have a favorite, of course the title song is beautiful, but it’s cliche to say that it is my favorite. If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to go with “What can you do for a General?” It’s a sweet song about how when men, specifically generals, come home from war go unemployed because they don’t have much in the way of previous work history or civilian working skills. It is a short song but it shines some light to what our boys still go through. The song also reminds me of another favorite song from the “Sound of music,” How Do you Solve a Problem like Maria?

Now any song where the four sing together is sublime, they are probably the best quartet I’ve heard and I love barbershop quartets. It’s enough to give you goosebumps.