#BookReview: Osprey’s Cabin by Ben Fisk

Favorite of the year so far!

5 Stars!

A group of college kids head out to a cabin in the woods before graduation. Sounds familiar right? You could probably guess what is going to happen…but then you would be wrong.

Starts off like any other horror movie, but then takes a wild turn into unknown weirdness. The middle gets a little hairy, but worth pushing through to the end. Hopefully it will be followed up with a sequel.

#BookReview: Babylon Revisited and Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Read for school.

1 out of 5 Stars

I just do not care for F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I do not like the opening. I feel like we are starting in the middle of a conversation and I cannot make heads or tails of the part we do catch.

Even though we do not hear him order a drink, when he says “No, no more.” and the bartender replies, “You were going pretty strong a couple of years ago.” Fitzgerald is implying that Charlie was a big drinker back in the day. We also get the impression that this bar used to be the place to be for ex-pats, but it has now “gone back to the French” and is pretty much a dead zone.

The line about people in Prague not knowing him there, is implying that since he was last in Paris he has settled down quite a bit.

A little bit of sarcasm here, I love how we are supposed to differentiate between a room being American or the bar being French. Are the French so different that just by saying a room is French or American the general reader will be able to picture it perfectly? Do the French make different noises in the kitchen than Americans do? I understand languages are different, but that still does not tell me what “French noises from the kitchen,” means.

Why do we only get half of the conversation instead of the full thing?

If he is at his brother-in-laws house, why is Marion standoffish? She would be his sister. Why would he not say, he is going to bring “our” sister over from America?

#BookReview: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

1 out of 5 Stars

Did not finish it, but here is what I thought of it before I quit. Hank Rearden can be a jerk, but his family is a bunch of jackasses.

Orren Boyle is an idiot. Plus how can he appear on the scene from nowhere five years ago, but then a few paragraphs later state “We’ve been improving steel rails for generations…”

What is the point of Wesley Mouch? He doesn’t offer anything to the conversation. No one listens to what he is saying. Why is he there? What purpose are his comments serving aside from just having a third person there.

Don’t even get me started on the “rooftop bar” that is like a cellar and though it is on the rooftop, you have to go down a flight of stairs. And there are cracks in the building’s architecture that let in just enough light. Something is wrong there.

I quit when I got to the author calling a man “noble” for enduring a childhood of abuse. I struggled just to get through the measly 68 pages I did make it through and I’m done.

Book Goals for 2016

As of midnight on December 31st, I am no longer buying (or grabbing freebies) books for at least one year. I started this year off with a goal to read at least 65 books on my TBR list. I accomplished that and more, but also went from 2000ish to over 4000 books on that list. So my goal to put a small dent in it failed.

Next year my reading goal will be at least 100 and no more new purchases. Which is going to be hard because I have a small addiction to all the free ones I can find. Just before writing this, I thought I would go to Amazon and stock up on the freebies, and probably will again before the end of the year, and probably got close to 50 if not more. All free because I am a poor writer who can’t even afford a $0.99 book. Mind you this list does not include the hundred or so paper/hardback books that I own sitting on my shelves that I have also yet to read.

This means that I’m going to miss out on a lot of great books in the coming year. 😦 But I need to do something that is actually going to help shrink my never ending TBR list.

So if anyone knows of any good freebies that I should look into, speak now or forever hold your piece.


#Book Review: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 4/5 Stars

Overview: Nick Carrowway moved in next door to a Jay Gatsby, someone no one really knows but more than happy to attend his parties. Daisy is Nick’s cousin with a secret, she loves Gatsby. Jay loves Daisy, but she is married to Tom Buchanan who has a married mistress. Nick narrates one summer they spent together, trying to connect or reconnect while hiding secrets. Until one day everything comes to a head and two end up dead.

Opinion: Had to read for a class first off. Secondly why?!?!? Before now, I had never read the book or seen the original movie. I have watched bits and pieces of the Leo DiCaprio version, but could never finish it (it just sucked) so I never knew how it ended. The ending sucks. In general the book seems more about Nick, Tom and Daisy than Jay Gatsby, so when D&T disappear and Nick is left dealing with Gatsby’s funeral alone it just feels unfinished. He didn’t need to die in the first place. He was more of a side character and did not commit the crime he died for. I just have a problem with the title misleading us, it says The Great Gatsby, but it is more like The Summer of Secrets.

Recommend: Yes

#Musical Monday Review #22 Fiddler on the Roof

Overview: A Jewish family living in a poor village, just trying to live their lives. Tavye, the patriarch has five girls to we’d and give a dowry to but he just sells milk and delivers it with a lame horse and trailer. The oldest daughter is able to marry the man she loves, while a Yente tries to fix the younger girls up with eligible bachelors. They rebel their suitors and break tradition, a very powerful thing Tavye holds very dear. All while fearing the Czar doesn’t invade their little Russian town.

Opinion: I first watched this in high school, and instantly fell in love with it. Tavye is such a great dad, wanting the best for his daughters as long as it follows tradition. He is also funny! I respect the traditional dances but to an uncultured high schooler, his shimmying (can’t believe that’s an actual word) during my favorite song, “Rich Man” is hilarious.

It’s not just the dancing that he does that is funny, but some things he says or the way he says it. I particularly enjoy his questioning of God, without actually questioning his existence. It’s something I’ve always been told not to do. If you believe in God, you can’t question his actions…or in-actions.

Another favorite song is “Matchmaker.” It is the Yente’s job to find husband’s for girls. However this Yente has a problem of making matches the girls don’t like. The girls go from wanting her to find them a match to not being in a big hurry.

Tzeital, the eldest daughter, reminds me so much of Barbara Streisand. However i find the middle daughter’s voice sounds clearer.

Comedy aside, I see the tragedy of losing special traditions and tearing a family apart as the result. My family has always been close but never as close or held many traditions as those of any faith let alone the Jewish faith.

I love the choreography of the Russian dancers during “L’chaim To Life.”

#Musical Monday Top 50 Musthaves in My #Writing playlist Pt. 1

Ok I know it’s #Musical Monday, but I am running on no sleep (can’t sleep for some reason) and it’s hot and humid out, which is making me cranky and sweaty :(. So I’ve decided to do a rundown of my top 50 songs I can’t live without or write without. I’m not going to have a video link for all 50 (that’s insane) but I will send a link to the older, more obscure or just really killer ones. These of course are in no particular order.

1. Alanis Morresette “You Oughta Know”

2. Bon Jovi “Living on a Prayer”

3. Linkin Park “Papercut”

4. Nickelback “How You Remind Me” (yes I listen to Nickelback and love them!)

5. Madonna “This Used to be my Playground”

6. (Movie Cast) Chicago “Cell Block Tango”

7. Bob Marley “Buffalo Soldier”

8.  Barry Manilow “Weekend in New England”

9. Elvis Presley “Wooden Heart”

10. Old Crow Medicine Show “Wagon Wheel”

11. Pink Floyd “Another Brick in the Wall”

12. REO Speedwagon “Heard it From a Friend”

13. Pearl Jam “Last Kiss”

14. Matchbox 20 “Bed of Lies”

15. 5 for Fighting “Drops of Jupiter”

16. Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”

17. Rick Astley “Never Going to Give You Up”

18. Korn “Twisted Transistor”

19. Melissa Etheridge “I’m the Only One” (ultimate breakup song!)

20. Poison “Fallen Angel”

21. Sylvia “Nobody”

22. ICP (AKA Insane Clown Posse) Piggie Pie

23. Serj Tankian “Lie Lie Lie”

24. The Eagles “Hotel California

25. Pentatonix “Wizard of Ahhs”

To be Continued…