#Author Interviews

Back in January, I started a call for authors to do interviews. I just want to say that the Author Spotlight Interview segment is still open and all authors are welcome. The genre and type of publication is of no relevance. I want to help fellow authors get their work out there. If you wouldContinue reading “#Author Interviews”

Groundhog Day!

Yay, today is the day to watch one of my favorite movies! It would suck to live the same day over and over and over again, but Bill Murray makes it fun. If you haven’t seen the movie you need to see it! Bill plays a TV journalist who has been selected by his stationContinue reading “Groundhog Day!”

#CLTBRCHALLENGE15 Book Review: Earth Angel by Alex Apostol 5/5 Stars

Overview: Kamlyn Paige is a young mother of a sweet little boy. Even after she lost her parents in a car accident, her life is getting better. Until one night when someone breaks into her home and steals her son away from her. Now there is hell to pay as she spends a year huntingContinue reading “#CLTBRCHALLENGE15 Book Review: Earth Angel by Alex Apostol 5/5 Stars”

Book Review: Vampire University (Book 1)

Overview: Taylor is starting her freshman year at university of course she is nervous. Her bubbly roommate Hannah is out going and very forward, unlike Taylor, but become fast friends from the moment they meet. While attending a “Welcome Dinner” the girls meet twins Eric and Joseph. Eric is the typical bad boy instantly enthralledContinue reading “Book Review: Vampire University (Book 1)”