Religious Breakthrough

So I’m taking Intro to Humanities II, and was asked to look for a piece of art that resonates with me from a chapter in our text and explain why I am attracted to it. I stumbled upon a picture of Notre Dame Cathedral. I am not a very religious person, nor is my family Catholic (though it is in our blood being Irish and all) but I have always felt a calling to the faith. One part of that calling has always been the beauty of Catholic churches. I have always thought of them as Gothic in architecture and dark fitting their purpose, without really knowing it is Gothic architecture. Growing up I was always told that God is loving and kind, but personally I have found the opposite to be true. Vengeful and angry seem to be more His palette and the old churches cropping up from the Renaissance era were perfect for that side.


Even though the churches look cold and ominous from the outside, step inside and there is sunlight everywhere. When I was young and stupid, I remember vowing to be married in a church that was big and full of overlooking gargoyles on the outside, colored with stain glass windows inside. A huge organ in the front/back (pick your perspective), rows of beautifully carved pews and high arched ceilings vaulting to the sky. Now the yearning is still there, and am still drawn to the magical buildings that captured my heart as a child, but I know better. Notre Dame Cathedral and many others are just a part of my past, that I wanted for my future that will never be in my present. Which is why I think I am attracted to them, it is something I can never have.


#Musical Monday Review #9: High School Musical

Overview: Basketball star meets shy girl on vacation who end up going to the same school. Courtesy of cell phones and a strict drama teacher everybody lands in detention their first day back to school. Detention involves working on sets for the school musical, which shows a rival between the basketball coach and drama teacher. Since vacation, Troy has been interested in singing and Gabriella but is afraid of what his friends would think. He sneaks around to try out for the musical and Gabriella is also nervous about auditioning because it is a new school and she is a bit behind. Being from different cliques, branching out to musicals breaks the status quo. By following there passions they make new friends and prove you can do whatever you want.

Review: While following your heart is always a good message, rewatching this musical showed me how cheesy this musical is. The singing performances are good, but the choreography can be overly staged. The kids tend to over act or over exaggerate there scenes.

My favorite song is Status Quo where everyone expresses there passions outside of their norms, but the dancing is cheesy. It was like they were trying to hard.

Its funny that Status Quo shows trying too hard, when Get Your Head in the Game, involves rhythmic squeaks, passes and ball pounding. The dancing for this song was more involved and looked more natural.

In the end everyone learns to rally together and no matter what they may be into, it doesn’t have to define them. Yes, the musical is cheesy but it has a good message behind it.