Marketing Slut: Paranoia or Justified?

So for the past couple of days I’ve been this little marketing slut, at least that is what I feel like. Not that I mind, I love helping authors out, but how much is too much? I have probably sent out 20-30 invites for an Author Spotlight Interview, and happily have roughly 5-10 lined up so far. Yay! But every time I post my inquiry, I’m starting to feel like I’m pimping myself out or something.

After posting 4 or 5 posts in a row I feel like I’m imposing myself on the authors. I know we all like free exposure, but is it awkward to be approached by a complete stranger asking you to email them? Maybe I’m just paranoid, but that comes from being told not to talk/email strangers.

But how else do you get your name out there without knocking on a few doors? I’ve been spreading the news, and it is paying off! In little ways but it’s something. I’m making new friends left and right, or at least acquaintances, that are helping me get the word out about my books. Who knew this could be fun?

Side note: I have been “rejected” by two famous and favorite authors. One was a definite no as he is too busy, but that’s to be expected. The other is a possible no. I need to go through her people before it is a hard no. It was a long shot but you never know what could happen.

So how do you prefer to be contacted?