Walking Dead Update

So I am all caught up! At least until the next episode. Last post I had only made it through season two, so I’ll glaze over and hit certain points.

Yay, Lori had the baby! Yay Lori died, lol. Sorry didn’t like her so I’m glad she’s gone but that was a pretty brutal death. Not only did she know she was going to die so her girl could live, but knew the son was going to stop her from turning. That has got to suck.

Andrea, the rip that just won’t die! First we think the Walkers got her, and she lived. Then she is really sick and attacked by walkers, enter Michonne, and she lives. Merle finds her, and she lives. The Governor has her, and she lives. Locked in a room, tied to a chair with a Walker and….SHE FINALLY DIES. Andrea, personally, deserved everything she got. I know she tried to broker peace between Rick and the Governor but she was blind to everything Gov did and was still harboring anger from everything she’s been through. Can’t blame her there, but seriously? Side with someone you just met or someone who has helped you survive for a long time? No brainer there.

I don’t remember if I had made it to Dale’s death, but if I did I would like to restate, he shouldn’t have died. I liked him.

Hershel, was on the fence about him as he was obviously living in a blissful state of ignorance but in the end I liked him. Sucked he died, but for a one legged man he was certainly getting around pretty well there towards the end. Why does the show kill off the only people who seem to have morality?

Beth, wasn’t much of a character. I think she was mainly just there to help care for the baby and once she started getting her own storyline, she dies. The only teenager that seems to still be unfazed with the state of the world, and hoping for better, is killed. Daryl was teaching her to track, we were starting to see the world through her eyes, and she dies. I agree that killing her off sucked, but she didn’t bring much to the table before so it’s not that big of a loss and she can’t be brought back. You can’t come back from a head shot like that.

Mica, and Lizzie. This is what happens when you pick favorites and one is unstable. Carol always pushed Lizzie to be strong, fearless and not afraid of anything. Told poor Mica she was soft, needed to toughen up or she wouldn’t survive. Guess what? Mica knew she wasn’t like that and she was fine with it, but she did toughen up and tried to take care of her sister. Lizzie went off the deep end. She took everything Carol told her and applied it to small animals and the Walkers. I was not surprised at all that she killed Mica and wanted to kill Judith by the end of the episode. Lizzie was delusional and a product of Carol’s stupidity.

Carol, I was giving her lee-way because she had just lost a daughter and knew she would toughen up a bit, but she went too far. It’s like she took all her pain and anger from being beat for years, and losing her child and channeled it into surviving. Normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but when you go around teaching young children to wield weapons and kill people because they are sick, you have issues. She wanted to stop the spread of the illness, how well did that work out? Not well. How well did it work teaching kids how to use knives and guns? She had to shoot her favorite. Yes, she gets a few brownie points for saving Ty and Judith (and the sisters) but still don’t like her.

Governor, was a jerk but charismatic psycho’s usually are. I think I stopped watching the show last time, after the destruction of Woodbury and we were following him around. I just didn’t care for his storyline afterwards, I would have preferred he died. He does eventually die but not before destroying the prison and Hershel. Had his friend killed him instead of taking him in, everyone would be much better off.

Terminus was interesting, and I knew it wouldn’t last long. I did not expect cannibals though. I always wondered if someone or a group of people would resort to eating each other, never thought a whole community would do so or that they would put up signs. I hope Alexandria is a place where they can settle down for a good long while.

Rick was out in the world a little too long. All of the stuff he’s been through, I can’t blame him for being as hard and almost evil but he needs to be in a safe place so he can return to a human state. This is why they need a moral compass, so Rick doesn’t go psycho and turn into someone like the Governor, but they are already setting the story arc for something like that to happen. Yum after he shaved and before the haircut!

Carl, is a douche-bag. Even with Shane out of the picture, he is turning into Shane and it ticks me off. Season 5 we are not seeing/focusing much on him though and while I enjoy not putting up with his pre/teen angst and griping, I find it odd after 4 seasons of him being the rebellious pain in the arse.

Abraham, love him. Gorgeous military redhead, what’s not to love? I pegged Eugene as a liar from the beginning. One it was just too good to be true and two he didn’t look like a scientist. If he had been any type of nerd before the breakout it would have been a video game geek, not scientist. Rosita is cool, again side character that doesn’t play much of a part except to cling to Abraham. I had high hopes for Tara and her girlfriend, but the girlfriend died. Now there is Eric and….I forgot his name, but they would make a good couple to become regulars. They will probably die when Rick decides to take over though.

Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

#Book Review: “Road of Darkness” by Zoe Ambler 3/5 Stars

Overview: Addison Jasper is a spoiled girl in the late 1600’s. She grew up with a slave, Neeta, for a nanny that taught her Voodoo. On a secret outing, Addison is captured by a strong man who turns out to be a vampire working for a Voodoo god. The vampire transforms her and gives her soul to the Voodoo god. From then on she spends centuries killing, stealing, and reveling in her new vampire state. Addison travels through history following one war after another, picking off both sides not caring which is which. As time goes on, she starts to feel lonely and wants to spend her life with someone. She eventually finds a Slayer who is willing to change her evil ways but can the two find love?

Opinion: The story in itself, I like the idea of. What I can not get past is the main character has no morals. I have never read a book where I did not sympathize with main character, or thought every bad thing she went through she deserved (which gets pretty bad at one point). More than three times, Addison feeds and kills children because she is hungry. Yes I know vampires feed off of blood, but this is either before or shortly after she has fed on adults. I just…I have issues with the harming of children no reason. I felt no compassion for what Addison was going through because she made it so easy to hate her. During World War II, she took up with a Nazi and the two were perfect for each other in their evil ways. However, their relationship took on a love/hate romance. He would beat her and abuse her, so she would kill his soldiers making him angry and causing her more pain and suffering. She of course loved it and tried to turn him when he is attacked.

In the end she is on the path to redemption but I’m not sure if she will succeed and personally I don’t think she is worthy of redemption. I find the book was like a train wreck, a horrible incident that one cannot turn away from. I wasn’t comfortable with a lot that happened, but I couldn’t stop reading. I had to find out if she was finally killed for her evil deeds, or if she just decided not to live any more.

Recommend: Not sure.

#CLTBRCHALLENGE15 Book Review: Earth Angel by Alex Apostol 5/5 Stars

Overview: Kamlyn Paige is a young mother of a sweet little boy. Even after she lost her parents in a car accident, her life is getting better. Until one night when someone breaks into her home and steals her son away from her. Now there is hell to pay as she spends a year hunting down the person who took him. It takes her a little over a year, hard training and meeting a guardian angel to do so but she finds the one she is looking for and the fight begins.

Opinion: Earth Angel is amazing! A heart wrenching, suspense filled novel. It made me laugh with the main character, and cry when she was put through all those horrible events. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one setting. Supernatural meets Buffy, I can’t wait to start the next one.

Recommend: Yes!

#Paranormal Experience

I love anything to do with the paranormal, and have had enough run-ins with it that I could be considered a medium. My most vivid experience terrified me so much I never went back to my grandma’s house until she moved again.

First let me explain, up until this experience happened, my ghostly encounters had been peaceful intermittent through life. I’ve seen whole apparitions, I’ve felt cold spots and have had them interact with me on numerous occasions. This encounter was soo not what I was accustomed to by the age of 14.

A few months before the incident, my grandpa died in a house fire. My grandma obviously lost everything and had to start over. She spent Christmas in a house, but for some reason that house was only temporary. When the lease was up, she had found a little ranch style house in the town where she had grown up and moved in.

I went to visit her after she had moved in, but was still unpacking. My first thought of the one story brick house sitting a little ways back from the road on top of a knoll, was that it was cute. The closer I got the more uneasy I felt. I brushed it off thinking it is just a new house, they tend to be creepy for a few days, until you’re used to it. I walked into the house through the parking garage and laughed. It was apparent the house was built in the 70’s and never updated. As I started walking around, the funnyness of it disappeared and was replaced with dread. I noticed there were closets, almost every ten feet. I found that just bizarre, but when I opened the big one in the living room I freaked out.

I opened the door and automatically I started seeing images of a dead body shoved into the closet on the left. Blood was splattered and smudged along the back wall and yellow police tape was crossed on the door frame. It was as if I was looking at Polaroid pictures instead of an empty closet. I quickly closed the door and turned to keep looking around the house, but the images didn’t stop. I could see blood smeared halfway up the walls, and down the hallway to the two bedrooms. I went into what would have been the spare room (aka my room when I visited) and I don’t remember looking around. I think I just poked my head in with my eyes closed, afraid of seeing more bodies. In my grandma’s room I did see the body of a woman, sprawled on the floor.

Needless to say I never went back. I told my family about it, playing it off as a joke because I knew they wouldn’t believe me. I told them the place looked like it could be a 1970’s Murder House. I told them how I could just see police tape everywhere and a couple of dead bodies stuffed in the many closets. Since then I have always referred to it as 70’s Murder House. Thankfully she was only in that house for a short while before she moved in with family.