To Forward or Not to Forward #PoW

I am working on “Price of War” and I keep going back to the forward I wrote and cant decide if I should keep it or not. To me it explains how the story came about and why it is so important to me. Then I think that no one would be interested in that information or they would find that it is stupid, stopping them from reading the book. 

Right now this book is what I would consider my Magnum Opus and I don’t want something that could color the person’s view of the book before they have a chance to read it. Really it is a stupid reason, but it means a lot to me and I would like to share the back story with the readers so they can understand why”Price of War” means so much to me. So much that for the cover, I used my Great-grandparents’ wedding photograph with a few changes, obviously.

Writing Problems

So through the holidays I’ve been in a weird mood, where I keep getting ideas for my current books and a bunch of ideas for new ones. But have not been able to incorporate them in to the stories.
For instance a new story I started recently, The Right Time to Write History (W.T.), the ideas are flowing but I don’t have any completed chapters. They re all disjointed and half written. Plus the multitude of ideas that I have yet to figure out where to put them in the story. So while I have buried myself in this story, I am thinking about reconstructing it.
Right now it is in third person but a new idea came to me for a sequel but to do that, I would need to switch to first person. That is a lot of rewriting and I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Tomorrow I may feel up to it and I may not. Though I probably will happen because I’ve been thinking about changing it even before the idea of a second book. 
I’m still going crazy.