#BookReview: Slenderman (Emma Frost #9) by Willow Rose

4 Out of 5 Stars Someone in town is using the myth of Slenderman to get revenge. A little confusing because I haven’t read the previous books, but that only pertains to one small key element. The rest was very intriguing, don’t care for the “preview” (close to half of the book) of another atContinue reading “#BookReview: Slenderman (Emma Frost #9) by Willow Rose”

#Author Interviews

Back in January, I started a call for authors to do interviews. I just want to say that the Author Spotlight Interview segment is still open and all authors are welcome. The genre and type of publication is of no relevance. I want to help fellow authors get their work out there. If you wouldContinue reading “#Author Interviews”