#NaNoWriMo Has Ended!

The month of writing hell is done! No I did not complete my novel, but powered through 28,455 words and believe that to be a pretty respectable number…Ok it’s lousy, but I’m proud of getting that much done in one month. It could of been a lot worse. I have a lot more to do on the book, I’m going to put it on the back burner for awhile. I’m burnt out on #TPAV (To Paint a Vampire) for right now, and if I hear the word vampire again for at least it will be way too soon.

To Paint A Vampire

Until then I’m going to work on my other projects. So many to choose from. Saving Santa, is a holiday romance that came to mind.


There is also the third installment to my Legend Series, Shattered, but that involves the “v-word” so I don’t think so.

LoaOG bk 3

Plus the elusive historical novel, The Price of War.

The Price of War

Then the three that I don’t have mock covers for: Haunted House (WT) obviously a ghost story, Dream Walker about a dream jumper, and The Right Place to Write Time (WT) time-traveling story I started recently.

#Book Review: Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto 3/5 Stars

Overview: Sara Barnes is a shy and quiet med student worrying over her semester exams when she starts having weird dreams. One involves her being dressed in a cheerleading outfit and falling for the basketball point guard. The others are darker, involving a familiar older man killing girls and dropping them off in a ditch. Deciding she needs to cut loose one night, she goes out to a club with her roommate. Where she finds the boy she dreamed about when she was dressed as a cheerleader. It was love at first sight, and dread as she realized her dress weren’t her own. He dreamed of her and she came to him through the dream. Her worst fear was now about the man killing girls. Her roommate and new boyfriend now search for the killer and a reason as to why she knows him.

Opinion: The three stars actually equate to 2.5, three is just the official number I’m posting on Goodreads. It took the first 35-40% of the book for me to get into it because it was confusing and jumped around a lot. It jumps around all the way through but I guess I became accustomed to it by then. The storyline was good, I just think it was executed poorly. Minor spoiler alert: we never really understand why she is having the dreams. The author attempts to describe it, but it is not stated definitively. The characters just speculate and the idea they come up with is flimsy at best without backup.

Recommend: Maybe…leaning towards no.

Do You Know This Man?

Have you ever seen him in your dreams? I’ve seen this article before, and still have yet to see him in my dreams. I find it odd (should this actually be true) that many people who do not know each other, have an image of the same man in their dreams. Not only does he show up in dreams but he offers sage advice. My dreams are so far out into the realm of WTF, that I could use good advice in them but my subconsciousness still doesn’t bring him forth. Have any of you seen him? Has he helped you find the answers to the universe?

Also around the same time I first found this article, I found another one that said our minds cannot make up faces. Everyone we see in our dreams we have already seen in real life. Even if we just passed them on the street 10 years ago, we saw the face and our minds remembered. If this guy appears in a lot of people’s dreams, he has to be real right? If he is real how has he gotten around the world and into view of thousands of people? Is he Santa Claus?