Update, Reminder

First off, my newest novella (The Perfect Murder) is being released on Halloween! It is a satirical/Dark Comedy How To guide to committing the perfect murder told by an inmate of a women’s prison, as recorded by her psychiatrist. Originally it was titled, “The Monologues of a Murder,” but I like #TPM better. If you would like to be reminded so you can pick it up I have an event posted on my Author page

The Perfect Murder

Secondly, make sure to like my page because with the new release I’m randomly selecting five people for a free copy. AND it is the best place for the latest updates on my writing! I know it may seem like I am a flake as I don’t write much on here, but lately I have been posting more on my Author Courtney M. Wendleton page than ever! I even released some information about another new book that might be released in time for Christmas! I also love hearing from everyone, so drop in say hi and have a little chat.

Third, I am still trying to raise money to produce my first audio book. I have raised $100, but am still far from my goal. Every little bit helps, and I can throw in a free copy of one of my books as a donation prize over $10. you can find it at https://www.gofundme.com/fs48u8as Thank you soo much!

Naturally Luna 1

Also I am still open for Author Spotlight Interviews. As well as entries for Sanctuary Edits!


Weird Writer’s Block

Ever feel like getting into the writing zone is like pulling teeth until you hit a certain time of day (or night) when everything starts to just flow? I’ve noticed a pattern for myself, I try writing all day and most of the night but most of the time I can’t do it. It’s not until I hit my “golden hour” of four in the bloody morning, that I can write more than one paragraph.

I’m starting to nod off, staring at my tablet screen, with Eminem or some other singer serenading me to sleep and decide to call it a night at 3:50ish. Ten BAM! Four o’clock hits and I’m flooded with ideas that I have to write down or they’ll be gone in the morning.

It’s weird because only for that one hour, I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the multitude of ideas that strike for all the different projects I have going or different blog posts (such as this one), but the second the clock strikes five everything disappears and I can’t keep my eyes open.

And I’ve found that it doesn’t work if I go to sleep at like seven or eight and wake up at three thirty to wait for four. No, I have to be up all day and night just for that one hour of good writing time.

It ticks me off and makes my family think I’m either antisocial or just enjoy staying up all night watching Netflix and Hulu Plus. News Flash, most of the time I just have that stuff going on in the background for the noise. I’m sitting at my computer tuning out whatever I have playing, only occasionally looking up from the tablet when someone makes a loud sound. Rest of the time I’m trying to figure out how to make my characters corporate.

Copyright Gray Area

Anyone know the copyright laws on stuff like product placement in books or say using like an entire music album as a basis of the story? For example what they did with ABBA and Mamma Mia or The Beatles and Across the Universe.

Is it possible to use an entire album as inspiration for a book, title of one song as the book title? Or would that be grounds for lawsuit? Even if you give credit to the album, band and everything? I have a good story idea but all inspiration springs from a certain album. Technically three, but that would involve a whole triliogy and I’m obviously not ready for that yet. Lol

Writer’s Block

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo I over and Naturally Luna is finally finished, I can start focusing on other projects. One in particular is giving me trouble. The Price of War is not coming along as well as I would like it to.

The Price of War

I had the idea for it years ago when I was crazy with my psycho ex and exploring my spiritual (or lack of) side. The story started coming to me easily and I was happy. The farther I dug into my relationship and past life, the more I was spewing ideas. Eventually everything went sideways when we started having weird experiences.

Call me crazy but I believe in past lives and that he of my past lives was lead during WWII. My ex boyfriend was my husband from that life, that inspired the book.

I have a few details mapped out and some written. I also have an idea of how I want the thing to go but since he broke my heart (again) all creative juices for that book has sputtered out. I still want to write it, as it is the closest to me, but my past life is no longer talking to me.

It sucks but when I was with the jerk I was so in tuned with the past life I had started dreaming in German, which I don’t speak well in this life, but completely understood it in my dreams. My vivid dreams took me to different key points and I saw how I died. Didn’t stick around long for that one though…I know my husband had been a high ranking officer in the SS and a few other details but everything in between is mush.

Being with my ex also tapped his past life and we often had the exact same dreams nights in a row. Now I get to whine that the muse is lost and I no longer wake up speaking fluent German! How am I supposed to finish the novel if I can’t think/remember what happened? It’s not like I can Google the whole thing as I’m missing important information…names. Anytime I get close to having the names, I’m distracted or it’s right on the tip of my tongue and won’t come.

Finished Writing Rant

Camp NaNoWriMo ended a few days ago, and I finish my first full length novel! Now what? I have been working on that novel for well over a year, wrote a big chunk last month and the last thing I want is to reread it. Every bit of it is engrained in my head to the point I’m tired of it. It’s still my baby, but every parent needs a break now and then. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our children any less we just need a break.

Think about it, your so burnt out on writing this one novel that when you go back to edit you over look things. Then it gets bad reviews because of all the typos and you feel like you’ve let your readers and yourself down. So you have to have a grace period before going back to look at it. But what do you do in the mean time? How long do you take time away?

Too much time and you might forget about it. Too little time and it will drive you insane. What does one do while waiting to refresh the brain? Ideally I’d ship the book off to someone as a beta reader or editor, but my family is too busy to help and. I have not had good luck with others reading and giving me feedback.

I’ve said I don’t care if you love it or detest it, I just want honest feedback and those I send out copies to, I never hear from again. I try to work on other writings but nothing comes to me. Then I try to just rest and I become depressed because I’m not doing something productive. Dang’d if I do and dang’d if I don’t type of situation.

The month or so after finishing a book is just a confusing time for me and I needed to vent. Suggestions are always welcome.

#Author Page Facelift

So, I’ve been talking about starting an editing service and today I got it up and running. Here is what will be offered:

Here at Sanctuary Edits, we will read through your book looking for any and all typos. We will double check to make sure everything sounds smooths and inform you of any issues spotted.

In addition to our editing services, we will also have an honest review ready for you upon publication. The review will be posted to Books and More, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, Tumblr and Amazon (or Smashwords depending on where you publish). We will also include an Author Spotlight Interview on the Books and More blog. We can also put together a release post highlighting your book the day it is released.

.You can find information on Sanctuary Edits and my books at http://charliesangel-0069.wix.com/cmwauthorpage

Prices are open for discussion, if you are wanting our services, we are open to working with you. Please contact us through this website, or any of the above links and we will work out a deal to help you publish the best book.