#BookReview:The Biker Next Door Part 1 (Gay Rebel #1) by Jesse Fuchs, Jamie Fuchs

1 out of 5 Stars 18 year old boy falls for the bad biker next door that his parents hate. Two scenes, that is it. Light on description and reads as if a teenage virgin was trying to be bad and shock her friends.

#BookReview: Charmed Fates (OmegaDate Diaries) by Odin Nightshade

4 out of 5 Stars Aaron is a skeptical journalist, Indigo is a true believer helping his psychic mom out on a haunted house case. The two meet through the shifter dating app OmegaDate and hit it off. Then break it off. Both have some beliefs shaken before working everything out. Love the idea ofContinue reading “#BookReview: Charmed Fates (OmegaDate Diaries) by Odin Nightshade”

#BookReview: Sixty Five Hours (Sixty Five Hours #1) by N.R. Walker

5 Stars! The boss’s son is forced to work with a man he doesn’t like to complete a project. They have 65 hours to get a long and come up with a pitch to land the account of their dreams. I laughed. I cried. Got a bit bored a couple of times, but that isContinue reading “#BookReview: Sixty Five Hours (Sixty Five Hours #1) by N.R. Walker”

#BookReview: HEAT: Abducted To Be His Mate (A Mate Of His Own #1) by Sadie Sins

5 Stars! Wolf kidnaps his gay bashing human mate and locks him in the basement. For a long time I have been searching for a book like this one and almost gave up hope, thinking it too taboo of a subject. I’m beyond ecstatic to have found this book and will probably read again beforeContinue reading “#BookReview: HEAT: Abducted To Be His Mate (A Mate Of His Own #1) by Sadie Sins”

#BookReview: Switch by Lina Langley

1 Out of 5 Stars Guy falls in love with his best friend who is hiding a big secret. Close to if not over half of the 24 pages is duplicated, you read one page and then the next page is the last half of the page before it. Some parts are missing because ofContinue reading “#BookReview: Switch by Lina Langley”

#BookReview: Hearts Over Blood (First Time Bareback Cowboys #3) by Odin Nightshade

3 out of 5 Stars Cowboy falls in love with his brother’s ex-best friend. Sweet and romantic. Sad and frustrating in a few places but still a good love story. A few grammar errors and missing words but nothing too severe. No bareback scene, one star off. Second star was knocked off because the mainContinue reading “#BookReview: Hearts Over Blood (First Time Bareback Cowboys #3) by Odin Nightshade”

#BookReview: I Do by Van Cole

1 out of 5 Stars After being left at the altar and a night of heavy drinking two best friends wake up married. Surprise wedding? That certainly spells disaster, no matter that the priest isn’t going to perform a wedding ceremony just a blessing. Then he’s not even a priest currently, so it wouldn’t beContinue reading “#BookReview: I Do by Van Cole”