#BookReview: Seized by the Highlander by Fiona Knightingale

1 out of 5 Stars

An abused wife is kidnapped by a Highlander.

Too short, a few typos, hardly any action or romance. Then the biggest sin of all, the title story is only 3% of the book. I was looking forward to a good long Highland romance and was highly disappointed.

#BookReview: The Highlander’s Sword (Highlander #1) by Amanda Forester

4 Out of 5 Stars

A soon-to-be nun is forced to marry a Highlander to strengthen her father’s allies and find out who is trying to kill her family.

It was good and fill of tension, but the ending did not live up to the rest of the story.

An Author’s Romance #AAR Preview

Rushes of angry foreign words as the priest keeps glancing back at me and Jolene before turning his head back to the man who came to the door.

“Jessabel, I don’t like this.” Jolene called to me from the window.

I went across the room to her side, “What’s going on?” I looked out and had to grab the edge of a table to steady myself. “Shit. That’s a lynch mob.” My worst fear has come true.

“Jessa, it gets worse. Look who is leading it.” Jolene pointed to two figures on a brown and white horse. They turned just right so we could see the woman’s face, “Coira.”

“Double shit. I think she is still ticked about the other night and the marriage.” I turned to the priest, fell to my knees and begged for our lives. “Father, please grant us sanctuary. Please. I promise we are not what they think we are.”

He glared back at us, “I know exactly who you are, Witches! I carry the proof!” He held up the battered and stained diary he was just reading to us allowed. “You will get a trial by water, may God have mercy on your souls.”

The gruff man who knocked and a companion from the angry mob rushed forward with lengths of rope. They tied us up and dragged us outside. Jolene’s screams ring in my ears as we are thrown over horses, precariously balancing like teeter-totters, forced to hope we didn’t fall as the riders sped off at a full gallop. The crowd of people jeering and laughing all the way to the pond.

Find at: https://books.pronoun.com/an-authors-romance/?ebook_referrer=true

New Romance #AAR

Jessabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the night before. Along with her sister, she takes her free trip to Scotland and end up in 1501 Scotland. Not the exact trip she had planned.

She has no idea how to get home, stop her sister from falling in love or save their heads from a blood-thirsty ancestor. Jessabel also has to contend with a jealous housemaid, intent on drowning her as a witch.


#BookReview: Loki (Highland Clan Series Book 1) by Keira Montclair 4/5 Stars

Loved it, but about halfway through I began to lose interest. It just seemed like the book should have been split into two but kept going, which is why it took me so long to get through it. Still worth a good read.

Writer’s Block and Reading Frenzy

So with my weird writer’s block (can write down ideas but can’t string them together), I’m going through a reading frenzy. Since January first I have finished six books. Just devoured a 300+ page in a short few hours, but haven’t wrote a review. No matter if I liked them or hate them, I have no words to express at the end of the book. A few minutes ago, I felt like I wanted to write something for one of my stories but nothing clear was coming to me. It just hung there and the more I tried to grasp it the more an invisible wall popped up. Then when I tried to set the book down and write, it vanished.

I have been able to finish one chapter in one book, but even what I have written is crappy. I’m trying to hold on to the fact that at least it is something and can be fixed later, but I just hate this when I get in this type of mood. Yes I devour books, which is good for my TBR list, but I hate not being able to write. And really hate not writing something I like or at the very least is halfway decent.

At this rate, I’ll have tripled the amount of books I wanted to read this year but have no new books out when I really want to get at least three done and off my plate. The Price of War is slipping through my fingers and I really wanted to get it finished so I didn’t have to dwell on it too much considering the amount of history (both personal and non-personal) I’m pouring into it.

I need sleep.

#BookReview: To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine 3/5 Stars

Overview: Shannon MacBoyd is the only daughter of The MacBoyd and treated poorly by her father for being a woman. After raiding MacLeren lands, MacBoyd ships her off as a prize to the man who helped her and promised to help him (her bethrothed) become king. Torin MacLeren wanted justice for the loss of his kin, and to stop the overthrow of the king; so he kidnapped Shannon and told authorities what her father had done. While waiting for word from the ruling regent King, Torin falls for Shannon and persues her, she resists at first but eventually gives into him. When word comes with the fate of Laird MacBoyd. Torin is called away to MacBoyd land and Shaneonon is taken to court without his knowledge. It is decided that she is to marry the man she loves or be hanged with her father and brothers. She and Torin marry, and have a son that Torin believed he would never have.
Opinion: It is good, but Shannon was a weakly written character. She always made sure to tell everyone that she is not a coward, or imply she has more backbone then other women. When it comes time for her to resist Torin, there is little to no resisting and quickly gives in to whatever he wants. Her father used to beat her, either she is going to fight back or be afraid of men. She half-heartedly pushes him away or tells him no and does it anyway. Yes at some point this is going to happen, usually toward the middle after giving up a good fight, but it is from the get go. Plus she gets ticked off about everything but really does nothing about it. She says she wants to go home, but makes only one attempt at running away (even after being left alone for multiple hours), she doesn’t want to be his lover but becomes his, doesn’t want to wear his clan colors and ends up wearing them. The big one, doesn’t want to marry him or carry his child but she does. Shannon says she is strong and can handle anything, but really she is weak and submissive.
Recommend: Maybe

#BookReview: Lost Highlander By: Cassidy Cayman 2/5 Stars

Overview: Evelyn is a grad student and a waitress at a strip club in Texas. Her best friend Piper, somewhat of a flake, moved to Scotland after learning of a great-grandmother’s death and her inheritance just three weeks ago. Evelyn hasn’t heard from her, save for one text message, and suddenly she has 14 missed calls while working. Hearing desperation in Piper’s voice, she agrees to fly out and help in whatever way she can. Once there Piper’s new friend picks Evelyn up from the airport and drives her out to the estate. Which happens to be a giant castle, half modernized and half still in the stone age. Piper allows them to get a few hours of sleep before discussing why Evelyn had to come, a man from the 1700’s had magically appeared in the tower a week before and Piper and Sam were at a loss as to how to get him back. As the three continue their search, an elderly lady is murdered, and a second 18th century Highlander is found to be on the loose. Evelyn starts to piece together what is going on, and accidentally transports her and Sam into the past. Sam is kidnapped and Evelyn is sort of kidnapped, sort of employed to help the witch get everything straightened out. Just when Evelyn thinks they will be sent home, the witch goes crazy and tries to kill Sam and starts a fire. Somehow they find their way back to their time and wake up in a makeshift home hospital, to find Piper watching over them.
While Evelyn and Sam are whisked away to the past Piper grudgingly figures out how to send her Highland lover back with the body of the murderous Highlander. She figures it out and sends him back, seconds later her friends are found in the tower hurt and singed from a fire.

Opinion: The concept has potential, but the execution was lacking. In the beginning, and for most of the book actually, Evelyn seems like an important side character; while Piper should be the main character but treated as a side one. It was really slow going until halfway through, then the author thought it necessary to break up the high-tension, vital action for quick sloppy sex scenes, slowing the story down more. The actual ending was weak and the epilogue sets you up nicely for the second book, and appears to have finally shifted Piper to her rightful place as the main character but I have not read it so I could be wrong in my assumption.
Recommend: No

#BookReview: Resisting the Highlander by Marian McBride 4/5 Stars

Overview: Bridget lives in a small fishing village and loves music. Her estranged grandfather has invited her to stay at his castle with him and his hired hand Aiden. Strange things begin happening at night that spook her, but she is not in danger until a friend comes to stay. Fighting through an injury that caused temporary amnesia, she has this deep urge something is wrong with Aiden one night as a ship is tossed into rocks. The two find love as she nurses him back to health.

Opinion: Most romances are steamy and full of raw passion. This was more on the sweet side. Like finding that first love or puppy love all over again. It ranks just shy of five stars because there were some editing issues and inconsistencies that if fixed, would push it over to six or seven out of five.

Recommend: Yes