Writer’s Block and Reading Frenzy

So with my weird writer’s block (can write down ideas but can’t string them together), I’m going through a reading frenzy. Since January first I have finished six books. Just devoured a 300+ page in a short few hours, but haven’t wrote a review. No matter if I liked them or hate them, I haveContinue reading “Writer’s Block and Reading Frenzy”

#BookReview: To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine 3/5 Stars

Overview: Shannon MacBoyd is the only daughter of The MacBoyd and treated poorly by her father for being a woman. After raiding MacLeren lands, MacBoyd ships her off as a prize to the man who helped her and promised to help him (her bethrothed) become king. Torin MacLeren wanted justice for the loss of hisContinue reading “#BookReview: To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine 3/5 Stars”

#BookReview: Lost Highlander By: Cassidy Cayman 2/5 Stars

Overview: Evelyn is a grad student and a waitress at a strip club in Texas. Her best friend Piper, somewhat of a flake, moved to Scotland after learning of a great-grandmother’s death and her inheritance just three weeks ago. Evelyn hasn’t heard from her, save for one text message, and suddenly she has 14 missedContinue reading “#BookReview: Lost Highlander By: Cassidy Cayman 2/5 Stars”

#BookReview: Resisting the Highlander by Marian McBride 4/5 Stars

Overview: Bridget lives in a small fishing village and loves music. Her estranged grandfather has invited her to stay at his castle with him and his hired hand Aiden. Strange things begin happening at night that spook her, but she is not in danger until a friend comes to stay. Fighting through an injury thatContinue reading “#BookReview: Resisting the Highlander by Marian McBride 4/5 Stars”

#BookReview: Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt 5/5 Stars

Overview: Sibyl’s dad has passed, but her mom has quickly remarried to her uncle (Sibyl’s dad’s brother). Now she is set to marry the Laird of the MacFalon clan. In her short time there she learns of a race of people, descended from Adam’s first wife Lilith, called wulvers. Shapeshifting wolves, and the Laird “hunts”Continue reading “#BookReview: Highland Wolf Pact by Selena Kitt 5/5 Stars”

Writing News Pop In

Just popping in to say hi, “Hi.” My new book is coming out soon and I’m ecstatic. I’ve had some really good feedback from it and can’t wait to share it with everyone. Yesterday, I was recognized by a Facebook friend as an author for the first time. She is reading my first book, “TouchdownContinue reading “Writing News Pop In”