#Musical Monday Review #20 Children of the Titanic

Overview: Musical docudrama about the children who were on the Titanic and survived. Opinion: intrigued on many levels. First being whoever heard of a musical docudrama? Second, I love anything to do with the Titanic and her I’ll fated journey. The third level being, hearing stories from children that survived. In general, you know thereContinue reading “#Musical Monday Review #20 Children of the Titanic”

Ó Raghallaigh

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Instead of going with the obvious stories of Leprechans and green beer, I’m going to give a bit of background of my mom’s side of the family. The Riley family line started in Cavan County, Ireland. Over time the spelling has greatly changed from O’ Raghallaigh to O’Reilly, O’Riley, Riley andContinue reading “Ó Raghallaigh”

If I could live anywhere…

I have never been real fond of living in America. Yes, it has it’s good points and beautiful landscapes but it just seems…drab to me. I would much rather be in another part of the world. Take Germany for instance, that beautiful feature image is just one of the many castles speckled throughout the country.Continue reading “If I could live anywhere…”