Love & Drugs #LandD

Love & Drugs is about college student Magdalene Potter who works at a local flower shop selling POTted plants. Her life is good as she enters her last year and is planning where to go next. She finally catches the eye of a roommate, and business is doing well. Then her abusive ex-husband struts back into her life hoping to take over her business, and her life. Last time she had nothing to lose, now she has everything and is going to fight for it. Sneak Peak:

Three months ago…

“Miss. Potter, will you please tell us the events leading up to the death of Mr. Alexander Addams?” My lawyer asked.

I sat in front of him with my head bowed, fidgeting with my bloody hands. They had picked me up before the cops had even showed. I haven’t had a chance to clean up. “Sir…I don’t remember what happened. Is Alex really dead?”

“We both know he is. I want you to start at the beginning of the school year, and tell us every small detail. We are here to help you, but we need to know what happened in order to know how to spin everything.”

“I don’t know what happened. The last thing I remember was…” I had to sit and think for a few minutes. “The party. Something happened at the party.”

“That’s good, but go back farther than that. Just tell us everything. Don’t worry about getting into trouble, that’s my job.” The lawyer said.

“Where’s Mr. O’Reilly? Is he mad?” I was suddenly scared of my big boss wanting to kill me for what they say I did.

“He is at home. He understands your predicament and trusts me to solve this. You are a valued employee and he wants to help you.”

“What’s the catch?” There is always a catch with him. Not knowing what I’m getting into could cost me a lot.

“No strings. This is how he takes care of his clients. I know it’s hard, but I really need you to tell me everything you can remember, let me help you.”

“I don’t remember everything, but this is what I do remember…”

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#Book #Release! #Love&Drugs

Happy 4th of July everybody! I have released my fourth book Love and Drugs!

Overview: Magdalene is a senior in college, preparing for a trip to Europe and finally got the girl of her dreams. She has a perfect job working for a flower shop (that isn’t your typical flower shop) and not a care in the world. But Magdalene has a couple of pretty big secrets, that she wants to keep. However, the most dangerous of secrets walks in on the first day of school.

Her ex-boyfriend is back in town and ready to violate his restraining order, as well as mess with her job. So she calls in her favor to The Family, and all hell ensues. In the end only one will survive, but who is going down?

Seperation of Home and Work

I have noticed that a lot of employers are keeping tabs on their workers through their social media pages. My question is WHY? Social media is outside of work, not on work property. What they do or say on the internet outside of work should not have any consequences at their job. It is probably because of my stance on this that I don’t have a job and that is stupid. My aunt has friends at work that she likes to talk to but is too afraid to add them to her Facebook page simply because some have their bosses as friends and she doesn’t want to lose her job.

How is it possible that people can be fired just because of their social media posts? If they go to work, and do their jobs well why should it matter what they do on Facebook? What kind of things they tweet about? Because it reflects poorly on the company? Honestly, who DOESN’t complain about their job? Not one person has a perfect job that they love all the time, so of course, if they had a bad day they might go vent about it on Facebook or in their blog. They shouldn’t be punished at work for how they feel. Now I don’t think that they should or do write bad things about their jobs or coworkers intentionally to start crap.

The whole point of this was, I found an article where a substitute teacher was fired from a Catholic school for announcing his upcoming wedding on Facebook. The simple fact that he is gay and publicly announced his wedding through social media, got him fired. He even said that everybody already KNEW he was gay before the announcement, but they fired him anyway. It is stupid and I think shouldn’t have happened. If it was any other straight person, it never would have happened. Social media should stay at home and have no repercussions at work.