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Her Brother’s Keeper by AJ Downey
Sacred Brotherhood Book #2


Fate introduces people at both the right and the wrong times…

So it is for Maren on the absolute worst day imaginable. When all hope was gone, and she was whittled away to little more than tears and despair, up walks Nox, an unlikely hero to save the day. Maren is about to discover that sometimes the good guys wear black, and there are times that the lines between good and evil blur beyond recognition.

Nox is a bad man with a heart of gold, or so it seems. It also seems that Maren has captured that heart with her wide, tear filled brown eyes. Nox never saw himself going for jailbait before, but that’s just what Maren is, all woman trapped in a seventeen year old package. Still, what he wouldn’t do for her, including taking on the unlikely role of keeper to her unruly preteen brother.

This mess could end beautifully or in some serious time spent behind bars for Nox, but sometimes, it’s worth risking it all.

#Musical Monday Review #5: Grease 2

Overview: A year or two later, we are back at Rydell High with a new set of Pink Ladies and T-Birds. Sandy’s goody two-shoes cousin, Michael, has transferred from England and is our leading man. He falls for bad girl, Stephanie, who is the leader of the Pink Ladies. As he is not a member of the T-Birds, it is socially unacceptable for the two to date. In order to when her heart and acceptance he buys, fixes and learns to ride a motorcycle. Michael then rides around keeping his identity secret, and woos Stephanie, but the T-Birds leader, Johnny, becomes jealous and runs him off into a ravine the night of the big talent show. Believing him dead, Stephanie breaks down on stage over the loss of her love. In the end, the mysterious rider, rises from the dead and is reunited with Stephanie.

Opinion: A lot of people do not like this musical because they say it doesn’t resemble the first Grease. I think that it resembles the first one and is a great sequel. It shows the drastic changes in the times as we go from post war to cold war. Fashion and morals are changing, so the way people act is going to change as well.

I think this show gives a bigger insight to the culture and fads back then. Where the first one only gave us small glances. Most prominent would be the fashion trends. In Grease one we see poodle skirts and dresses on the girls. In Grease two we are seeing the transition to pants.

The lyrics tend to be more explicit than in the first one. They don’t go hog wild, but again we see the differences in what is popular and not. We also see double entandras in a lot of the music. My favorite song has always been “Score Tonight,” where they are in the bowling alley. When your young and don’t know any better, you think they are talking about bowling, and some might be meaning it, but others are meaning it in a more carnal nature.

The choreography seems to be more sophisticated and extravagant, showing more the age of the actors and again the times. The 50’s were more demure and chaste. The 60’s are moving into a more open and hedonistic era. Evidence of this is in the song “Reproduction” Even the most studious and nerdy students branch out to randy movements.

All in all the music is great, the actors bring the characters to life and it makes for a good movie. Plus high school students now can relate to it easier as they seem to have more in common than with the first one.