#Research, research, research!

While writing, we authors do a lot of research in order to make sure the information is correct. The thing is, it seems like the research never ends! Every time we turn around it seems like there is even more information than there was two seconds ago. I am currently in the process of writingContinue reading “#Research, research, research!”

New “It” Movie

I love Stephen King, one of my favorite authors, and his movies are great adaptations. So when I heard about the new “It” movie coming out I was ecstatic…at first. Then I got thinking about how it is one of my favorite movies by him, quite possibly the first film of his that I everContinue reading “New “It” Movie”

#NaBloPoMo Pick a Movie for 10 Years

Assuming that I could watch other movies inside of the 10 years, just as long as I watch a certain movie once or more a month, I would have to go with Cry Baby. Lovely movie, similar to Grease but with Johnny Depp. Now if I couldn’t watch another movie for ten years, and itContinue reading “#NaBloPoMo Pick a Movie for 10 Years”