My Friend

I have a friend, his name is WB. Technically being a friend, he is more of an a-hole best friend that hangs around and no one likes. He couch surfs with everyone, never makes any contribution and is King of guilt trips; we’re talking King of Catholic Guilt without the religion.
He’s been with me for a month now, but seems like five. All he wants to do is listen to music, watch TV and sleep. I can’t do anything without him, making me feel bad about my work…that is falling behind. I have an art paper I need to write and Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up again. I need to write! I have to write, but he is keeping me from it.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad, or too much Dexter, but someone needs to kill my friend. It would help us all. His full name is Writer’s Block, if you know him run as afar away as possible.

#BookReview: To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine 3/5 Stars

Overview: Shannon MacBoyd is the only daughter of The MacBoyd and treated poorly by her father for being a woman. After raiding MacLeren lands, MacBoyd ships her off as a prize to the man who helped her and promised to help him (her bethrothed) become king. Torin MacLeren wanted justice for the loss of his kin, and to stop the overthrow of the king; so he kidnapped Shannon and told authorities what her father had done. While waiting for word from the ruling regent King, Torin falls for Shannon and persues her, she resists at first but eventually gives into him. When word comes with the fate of Laird MacBoyd. Torin is called away to MacBoyd land and Shaneonon is taken to court without his knowledge. It is decided that she is to marry the man she loves or be hanged with her father and brothers. She and Torin marry, and have a son that Torin believed he would never have.
Opinion: It is good, but Shannon was a weakly written character. She always made sure to tell everyone that she is not a coward, or imply she has more backbone then other women. When it comes time for her to resist Torin, there is little to no resisting and quickly gives in to whatever he wants. Her father used to beat her, either she is going to fight back or be afraid of men. She half-heartedly pushes him away or tells him no and does it anyway. Yes at some point this is going to happen, usually toward the middle after giving up a good fight, but it is from the get go. Plus she gets ticked off about everything but really does nothing about it. She says she wants to go home, but makes only one attempt at running away (even after being left alone for multiple hours), she doesn’t want to be his lover but becomes his, doesn’t want to wear his clan colors and ends up wearing them. The big one, doesn’t want to marry him or carry his child but she does. Shannon says she is strong and can handle anything, but really she is weak and submissive.
Recommend: Maybe

Happy Halloween! The Perfect Murder has arrived!

After some technical difficulties with Amazon and last minute edits, The Perfect Murder is up and ready for your purchase! It is a Satirical/Dark Comedy How-To-guide to committing the perfect murder told by an inmate of a women’s prison, as recorded by her psychiatrist.

The Perfect Murder

Abagail Maxion is an inmate in Women’s State Penitentiary #301 in Osceola, Missouri for 15 homicides. Doctor Jade Monroe, is pleading with the parole board to vote against her release; believing that Maxion will kill again if given the chance. The Perfect Murder is Dr. Jade Monroe’s notes complied as evidence to prove her theory, ending with the board’s decision.

Love & Drugs Chapter 1 Teaser

Freshman Surprise

The two-story log cabin was built facing south, in order to maximize the use of solar panels on the steeple roof. Three bedrooms, each with their own bath, one downstairs and two up. When it was first built actually left the upstairs open in a loft style, but when I came along they added walls and two bathrooms.

The downstairs was closed off, each room separated by a wall of matching mahogany. Nice big kitchen decorated in chrome and black, spacious living room dominated by a rarely used 72 inch television and black leather sectional, a dining room big enough to seat six or seven comfortably.

I was getting ready for school and disgruntled with my looks again. “Monica, I stick out like a sore thumb.” I said looking into the full-length mirror. My long curly red hair hanging limply down my back as it dried. I had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body when she came in to make sure I was up. “I really think I should die it…I think I would look good as a brunette don’t you?”

“Oh don’t do that, Mag-pie. Your hair is beautiful, it compliments those green eyes perfectly.” Monica fussed her fingers through my hair, lightly tousling it. I playfully swatted her hand away.

“But I’m the only ginger in a hundred mile radius! With the red hair comes the porcelain white skin, I turn into a lobster if I stay out in the sun too long. You and the other girls have a gorgeous tan.” I said envying her golden tan, a few shades lighter than her medium brown wavy brown hair.

“Magdalene, listen you are exotic compared to the rest of us. I am beautiful, but a dime a dozen; you are one, a diamond among pearls. Come on, let’s get ready to greet the freshman.” Monica said trying to reassure me that my Irish looks fit in with the other Middle America debutantes.

She went to her room to get out of her maroon silk robe, and I put on my favorite outfit for the first day of school. I grabbed a crisp white button down collared shirt, loosely knotted a black tie around my neck and a blue/green plaid mini skirt. I finished the outfit off with white knee-high socks and black/white saddle oxfords.

I observed my innocent schoolgirl image in the mirror, and decided to undo one more button. Not enough that I showed off my whole DD breasts, but enough cleavage to keep the guys guessing. I giggled to myself, applied my signature “Satan’s Sin” red lipstick to my pouty full lips and skipped out of my room and down the short hall to see what Monica decided to wear. “Knock, knock. I’m coming in.”

I entered her bedroom, which I accurately call the “Pepto-Bismol room,” without waiting for an answer. “Hey Sister Maria called, she wants her daughter’s outfit back.” Monica called from her walk-in closet.

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Update, Reminder

First off, my newest novella (The Perfect Murder) is being released on Halloween! It is a satirical/Dark Comedy How To guide to committing the perfect murder told by an inmate of a women’s prison, as recorded by her psychiatrist. Originally it was titled, “The Monologues of a Murder,” but I like #TPM better. If you would like to be reminded so you can pick it up I have an event posted on my Author page

The Perfect Murder

Secondly, make sure to like my page because with the new release I’m randomly selecting five people for a free copy. AND it is the best place for the latest updates on my writing! I know it may seem like I am a flake as I don’t write much on here, but lately I have been posting more on my Author Courtney M. Wendleton page than ever! I even released some information about another new book that might be released in time for Christmas! I also love hearing from everyone, so drop in say hi and have a little chat.

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Naturally Luna 1

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Book Release Event

Halloween is coming! So is my new book, The Perfect Murder. Satirical/Dark Comedy How To guide to committing the perfect murder told by an inmate of a women’s prison, as recorded by her psychiatrist. Want to be reminded of the release? Possibly win a free copy? Check out my Facebook Event. Don’t forget to like my author page while there!