Birthday Weirdness

My birthday is December 23. I (and am sure many others) find it interesting to see who else I share a birthday with. It is kind of cool to know that someone famous was born the same day as you. So I was goofing around and looked it yesterday, and found some cool people, like Alexander I Tsar of Russia. I find that awesome, because I was always a little fascinated with the story of their family.

With the good, also comes the bad. It’s going to happen, but it puts a damper on your birthday if you know you share(d) the day with a notorious serial killer. For instance, I share my birthday with Kurt Meyer aka Panzermeyer. He was an officer in the Waffen-SS. A bad dude to share a birthday with, it could have been worse but still bad.

Then I also noticed a pattern, I could just be crazy and it is a coincidence, but there were also a lot of writers throughout the years born on December 23. I also looked up my cousin’s birthday, to see if a pattern could be fashioned, and he is no musician or politician but there were tons of both on that day (August 29). That is where the pattern fell apart, but I think that if he took better care of himself he could be a good politician.

If our birthday were to depict the type of profession we enter, than I could be a writer or a murderer (among other things). What would you be?

You be Beethoven and  I’ll be Bach,

Courtney M. Wendleton