Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger. I haven’t made a post since last year! And even then the last post was me ranting about the amount of books I have piled in my To Be Read list. But my lack of blog posts doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.


I am currently working on eight different books, plus at least five more that I just started mapping out in the past week or so. My problem being I have all these ideas, but no inspiration or drive to actually piece them together into anything coherent.

So while it has never stuck with me in the past, I have taken to writing everything down in my pretty notebook and folding the pages down in a method I learned from my dad.


Been working on a project for my dad, and slaving away in my classes. I’ve also been working with my family to get ready for moving day. Soon we will be packing up our whole house to move… a few roads over. If it wasn’t for my short trips to Facebook, I wouldn’t even know what day it is. So I’m going to try and pop on here more often, but if I am absent for long periods of time, you know I am neck deep into something. Happy (late) New Year!

New Year’s Preporation

In preparing for the new year, and my resolution goals, I decided to update my “to-read” list on . I don’t usually add my amazon purchases to that list simply because there are a lot of them and I continue to buy more throughout the year. However I have decided this year I’m going to try and put a dent in the list that happens to be 1,974 books long.  I will admit that number is a bit inaccurate because there are a couple of series and collections that I purchased that was counted as one book.

As well as participating in the good reads reading challenge this year, I will also be doing the 2015 TBR Pile challenge ( ) . I’m going for the 41-50 level, but hoping to achieve that and more! Here is my list of books to help inspire others and if there is a special book you think I should read, please leave it in the comments and I will try to look into it.