#Book #Anniversary: A Ninja in Time

I feel like A Ninja in Time has been out for longer than two years. It was my favorite, so far, to write. I dug into a lot of history books and the Japanese culture as a whole to make it. Loved every minute of it. Fair warning, there is no Happily Ever After. WasContinue reading “#Book #Anniversary: A Ninja in Time”

2019 GoodReads Challenge Completed 86/80 Pt. 1

Blade of the Immortal Series Vol. 1-17 by Hiroaki Samura 3-5/5 Stars Systematic by Andrea Ring 4/5 Stars Very Interesting. Naughty Boss by Whitney G. 2/5 Stars Crave to Conquer by Zoey Ellis 3/5 Stars Blaze by Avery Ford 3/5 Stars Heat of an Omega by Kaia Pierce 3/5 Stars Our Secret Wedding by H.J.Continue reading “2019 GoodReads Challenge Completed 86/80 Pt. 1”

2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 3

51. Necroscope IV: Deadspeak by Brian Lumley 4/5 Stars Slow starter 52. 1000 Japanese Flash Cards by Kevin Marx 53. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 5 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 5 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 5 Harry Potter and the Goblet ofContinue reading “2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 3”

2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 2

25. The Alpha’s Birthday Gift by Meg Bawden 4/5 Stars 26. Bear Season by Kaleidoscope 3/5 Stars 27. Pirate by Erin Bedford 4/5 Stars 28. A Strange and Mystifying Story by Tsuta Suzuki 4/5 Stars 29. Wolf’s Hunger by Carina Wilder 3/5 Stars 30. Unwilling by Hannah L. Corrie 4/5 Stars 31. Jekel Loves HydeContinue reading “2018 GoodReads Challenge Completed 82/65 Pt. 2”

The Beta and Me #BetaandMe

Published on: December 1, 2020. Description: Lana Honeycomb lives a quiet life with her Uncle Christian, until an unwanted guest arrives on her doorstep. An incident with a towel forces her life to change in a big way and now she is stuck with the Beta of her pack teaching her a new way ofContinue reading “The Beta and Me #BetaandMe”

#Book #Anniversary: To Paint a Vampire!

On January 21, 2018 I published To Paint a Vampire. I can’t believe I managed to publish back to back like that. So far this is my only vampire story, as I’m more enamored with wolves these days, but I don’t expect it to be my last. Description: Chrissy White is an artist with minorContinue reading “#Book #Anniversary: To Paint a Vampire!”

A Ninja in Time #ANIT

Published on May 15, 2019. Description: Wysteria Sakimoto-Johnston has been trained according to the Bushido code her whole life by her father. Wanting to follow in her deceased mother’s footsteps, she decides to travel to Japan in search of Bisha, her parents’ sensei, to be trained in Jujutsu.Her father had failed to mention a coupleContinue reading “A Ninja in Time #ANIT”

#Book #Anniversery: An Author’s Romance

A day or two late, but on January 20, 2018 I published An Author’s Romance! It is one of my favorites and can’t believe it has been three years. Description: Jessabel is a writer that has been experiencing one bad event after another, until she wins a writing contest after drinking her sorrows the nightContinue reading “#Book #Anniversery: An Author’s Romance”

Catch Up

As it has been two years, let’s play a quick game of catching up. The next couple of posts will cover the three books I have published: A Ninja in Time, Finding Santa and The Beta and Me. Aside from the new ones, Naturally Luna has been re-edited. Currently only six of ten books canContinue reading “Catch Up”