Writer’s Block

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo I over and Naturally Luna is finally finished, I can start focusing on other projects. One in particular is giving me trouble. The Price of War is not coming along as well as I would like it to.

The Price of War

I had the idea for it years ago when I was crazy with my psycho ex and exploring my spiritual (or lack of) side. The story started coming to me easily and I was happy. The farther I dug into my relationship and past life, the more I was spewing ideas. Eventually everything went sideways when we started having weird experiences.

Call me crazy but I believe in past lives and that he of my past lives was lead during WWII. My ex boyfriend was my husband from that life, that inspired the book.

I have a few details mapped out and some written. I also have an idea of how I want the thing to go but since he broke my heart (again) all creative juices for that book has sputtered out. I still want to write it, as it is the closest to me, but my past life is no longer talking to me.

It sucks but when I was with the jerk I was so in tuned with the past life I had started dreaming in German, which I don’t speak well in this life, but completely understood it in my dreams. My vivid dreams took me to different key points and I saw how I died. Didn’t stick around long for that one though…I know my husband had been a high ranking officer in the SS and a few other details but everything in between is mush.

Being with my ex also tapped his past life and we often had the exact same dreams nights in a row. Now I get to whine that the muse is lost and I no longer wake up speaking fluent German! How am I supposed to finish the novel if I can’t think/remember what happened? It’s not like I can Google the whole thing as I’m missing important information…names. Anytime I get close to having the names, I’m distracted or it’s right on the tip of my tongue and won’t come.

Creepy Little Kids

Little kids are creepy, mainly because we are more susceptible to the paranormal at a young age than most are when they are older. All the time you hear stories of creepy things little kids have done or said that adults can’t wrap their head around. For example, one of my little brother’s, let’s call him Joe, was one or two when this happened. He was asleep in his room, and never had a tendency to sleep walk before or after this accident. My stepmother (his mom) got up and went into the kitchen because she said she heard a noise. In the kitchen, on the floor was Joe, sitting inside a perfectly made circle of every sharp knife we had in the house. She said she asked him what he was doing and she could tell he was still asleep, he said he was deciding which to use. For what, I’m not sure because I don’t remember the rest of the story.

As for my experiences as a little kid I just remember seeing ghosts walking around, or dreaming about what was going to happen the next day. Really kind of freaks you out when your dreams start coming true, even if it is just everything you do or say during school. I also remember being quite at home, or comfortable inside a cemetery. The church I went to had a cemetery across the street and we would use it for hide and seek, as a girl scout we went and made rubbings on the tombstones. Then a friend of mine also had a cemetery in her back yard that we played in. While the others would get a thrill out of being in a spooky cemetery and go around scaring each other, I was completely relaxed. Nothing bugged me, even though I could sit there and watch the different spirits walk around or even talk to some of them. I’ve always thought they were beautiful.