Death to all #PlotBunnies

It is #NaNoWriMo, and all of a sudden these evil little Plot Bunnies are attacking me. In the past 16 days I have started not one, but THREE new stories on top of the 13 I have already been working on! Yes, the other day I finished one that I have been working on for the better part of two years but still! The total is now 15 and I have a feeling it is not going to get smaller, but grow before the month is over.

Secrets & Lies Rant

Maybe I’m just in a mood to rant, but if TV producers are looking for new show ideas, why not come up with your own? Secrets & Lies is a TV series that originated in Australia, and America decided to “adapt” it for Americans. So I checked it out awhile back on Netflix, the Australian version, and just couldn’t get into it. Because I couldn’t get into it, i forgot the name of the show and never put two and two together until now. Then Sunday night, I was bored and checked out the American version.

When the US decided to “adapt” this show, I was thinking that there were going to be big differences. Like take the main bases of the show and enhance everything else. Guess what? They changed a few names and moved locations….that’s it. The guy still finds his dead son (doesn’t know it’s his son), the inspector is still psychotically out to peg it on the guy. We are talking word for word ripoff! No ingenuity at all.

Obviously it’s not my cup of tea, as I couldn’t get into the original, but it ticked me off because they didn’t put in any effort to change it and really make it ours. This story line could happen anywhere, as proven with the two differences, so what makes the location of the show so special? What makes the location so unique it can only happen in America? If your not going to make a show your own, or prove to viewers why you should have made it first, why do it? 

This is classic plagiarizing. If it is frowned upon in writing, why not in television? Even if the show was stripped down to the bare essitials, a guy finds a kid dead that he turns out to be related to and he is the prime suspect, everything else can be changed to make it fresh and better. It doesn’t have to be his secret son from an affair, it could be a cousin who lives in the neighborhood. It could be known they were related, which would make the fact that he is the prime suspect even more dark. The weapon of choice could be a prize baseball bat or the guy could be a Plummer and the weapon be a missing wrench. Why use a flashlight that the guy hardly ever used? I never really understood why a painter needed a flashlight to begin with. He is working inside houses with bright lights on. Change the younger daughter to a boy and try to gain some sympathy from the main character.

There is just so much that could have been done to make it better and “more American” than what was done. Rant over.