Book Review: “The Lost Book of Chaos: How to Divide the World (The Secret Wars of Angels 1)

Overview: Judas the Betrayer, is on the run after betraying his master. The whole world is hunting him down and just when he seems to be catching a break he is taken by an angel to a flying ship to be recruited as a messenger of Chaos. We follow his training and missions, and pass his great test of “The War of 12 Messengers.” He lives over a thousand years doing work for the angels, and one of them betrays him, leading to him being cast out of the flying ship to live as a human and ultimately transformed beyond that of a simple human.

I think I said that with minimum spoilage.

What I think: Action and adventure run flawlessly through this great book. The story line is amazing and has a great concept of where it wants to go but has some issues. Some of the chapters were told out of order, which got more confusing as it went on. Towards the end of the middle, things were being rushed and there was no concept of what happened between years.

The big kicker for me was it centered a lot around religion and faith, on it’s own the story would be great but for me I just couldn’t quite get past those to truly love it. I do, however still recommend it to those who enjoy religious sci-fi crusade types of books.


Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Recommendation: Yes for the most part.

Well the first review for “Innocence” is in…and the news is good! 5 stars.

Here is what was said:

The author describes each scenario vividly, that readers will feel as if they are really there. It’s a fast paced, well-written book. You get to care about the characters, and what happens next.

(SPOILER ALERT) The story follows the life of Alexa, who seems to be an ordinary girl, but the first clue that her life is different are her Celtic earrings. It’s a story about family, friendship, mixed with Irish mythology, vampires, and a romantic story, with lines and moments and banter between the lovers that make you smile as you read them.

Each character is well crafted, and well described, the author clearly spent a lot of thought into them. Alexa meets J.P., seemingly by chance on the plane. They meet again, as by chance she leaves her hoodie on the plane and J.P. goes out of his way to return it to her. But things get more interesting as they find out that J.P. is a music teacher at the same university that Alexa goes to. Fate seems to be playing with them. Then she meets new friends, Alistair and David who claim they have the powers of an empath and a medium, and a new schoolmate named Dexter who seems to emanate a dark aura. The adventure continiues, with Alexa finding out that vampires are real, and that his two new friends were vampire hunters, and that their boss was her Uncle Kevin, where she stays. It all spirals towards a satisfying ending.

Favorite lines :”Must have been some turbulence if you got knocked out of my chair and into my lap.” “When they feel that he is not giving them enough attention, they won’t sing, or sing the wrong word so he does pay attention” “Any guy willing to ruin his carreer for you is a keeper. Snag or bag him now, or send him my way!” “Judging by the stunned look on her face, the dress was a disaster. Do you have a coat or something to wear over it? Just so you don’t give anybody a heart attack?”

Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

I have read the book years ago and am rereading it as it I one of my favorites. I’m not completely through the book yet, but wanted to weigh in about the family first. The whole family is nuts.

First let’s talk about the family as a whole, they are perfect. A perfect family does not exist! I understand it is fictional and years ago but come on, as far as making it believable it is farfetched. They look and act perfect, I can see why bad things start happening to them.

The mother is completely useless. Yes, she takes care of her children but only until her husband dies. She falls apart and starts falling back on her parents because she doesn’t believe in herself a and her capabilities to care for them. From what is mentioned in the book, she starts relying on Cathy and neighbors to care for the children while she writes letters and walks around in nightgowns.

Cathy is selfish, jealous and childish. I understand she is a child of 12 but are we really that naive at that age? She was jealous of sharing her father with her own mother. On what planet is that normal?  By the time I was 12 I had been to 3 funerals for great-grandparents and grandparent. I know that not everyone has been that unfortunate but to not to grasp death at that age is ridiculous. Believing wholeheartedly that no one can die unless they are old is so blissfully stupid.

So far the book is good, I am just ranting about how perfectly crazy the family seems to be. Talk about overkill on the husband too by the way. V.C. wanted to make sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that the man was dead.

You be Beethoven, and I’ll be Bach.
Abra Rhea